Deepin Linux triple boot Kubuntu and Ubuntu

Moving to Deepin Linux from Manjaro Deepin on triple-boot laptop with Kubuntu (KDE) and Ubuntu (Unity / Gnome).

Kernel panic in Manjaro Deepin, when Ubuntu updates the Linux Kernel and Grub, a problem unlikely to be resolved in foreseeable future:

Speed of updates online for Deepin Linux has improved with additional mirrors available worldwide, “Deepin has Added Mirror Site Service like Portland State University and so on” | August 2017 at

Deepin Desktop Environment

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Experimenting as with federated social network microblog.  Hunting for other leading-edge people interested in communicating on an open platform, as an alternative to the walled gardens.

Haven’t heard of Mastodon?  See:

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GParted fails; KDE Partition Manager succeeds

Repartitioning disk with Ubuntu 16.04 GParted fails; Kubuntu 17.04 KDE Partition Manager works.

Booting my Thinkpad X200 from an Ubuntu 16.04 live USB key, GParted was able to successfully shrink a NTFS partition and leave unallocated space.  Then, a request to either (i) shrink the existing \ EXT4 partition, or (ii) create a new empty Home EXT4 partition in the unallocated space resulted in a message:

Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition

Following the trail of many others with the same issue, I tried Testdisk, which analyzed the partition structure.  The structure was found as expected.  Specifying the “primary bootable”, “primary”, and “logical” partitions seemed okay, but a “Bad Structure” warning would not be resolved unless the “Lenovo Recovery” partition was marked for deletion.  This caused me to pause, as that’s the way that Windows 7 could be reinstalled to the factory state (albeit on a larger disk than the original hardware build).

As I’ve been moving over from Ubuntu 16.04 to Kubuntu 17.04, there was nothing to be lost by trying instead with a Kubuntu live USB key.  Using KDE Partition Manager, the repartitioning went smoothly, without the error message from GParted that I saw over and over, for hours.

KDE Partition Manager


Conclusion:  There’s more to Kubuntu than just a change in the Desktop Environment.

All of this effort was towards migrating the home directory into its own dedicated partition.

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Freedom Mobile call forwarding

MMI codes from @FreedomMobile 611 support:

Conditional forwarding (when busy + when unanswered + when unreachable) to a Canadian phone number …

  • To activate:  *004*1nnnnnnnnnn#
  • To deactivate:  ##004#

Unconditional forwarding (phone won’t ring, with $0.75 charge per call) …

  • To activate *21*1nnnnnnnnnn#
  • To deactivate  ##21#

Last year, conditional forwarding resulted in phone charges in Japan and China, even though I didn’t pick up the phone.  This year, will try unconditional forwarding to my IP phone number.

Some years ago, on Bell Mobility, had the No Answer Transfer service, which is distinct from their Call Forwarding label.

Found corroborating hints at

Freedom Mobile logo

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Accuweather minutecast

Discovered @Accuweather MinuteCast will forecast rain in neighbourhood down to a 3-place postal code, and show radar weather map.   Good for planning short shopping trips on the bike.

Accuweather Minutecast map

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Wrap-up smear

“Wrap-up smear” as deflection. @NancyPelosi said “You make up something. Then you have the press write about it. And then you say, everybody is writing about this charge”.  Added to lexicon on smear campaign on Wikipedia , based on interview at transcript of CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper

Nancy Pelosi |”State of the Union with Jake Tapper” | March 5, 2017 | CNN at

Galaxy S2 to Nougat

Updated Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100M smartphone to Android 7 Nougat with ResurrectionRemix OS and GApps Micro.  Followed guide/tutorial started in January 2017 for CM14, but then altered for the more active RR community.

Resurrection Remix OS

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