Trying Amplify as an alternative to Note on Google Reader seems to have some features that I liked in Friendfeed, and is continuing to evolve. I see it as a potential alternative to the Notes to my shared items in Google Reader, that are getting lost in the feeds.

For now, the path is from the original article –> –> –> Twitterfeed (which publishes to Twitter and Facebook)

Amplify’d from
As we’ve often said, the primary purpose of Amplify is to give people an opportunity to engage in conversation around shared content and original ideas without being limited to 140 characters. 
1. Latest Posts
the main feed on Amplify now solely includes the latest posts by people you follow.
2. The Conversation
The second tab on Amplify now provides a mash up of the latest posts, comments and recommends by users you follow. 
3. Email notifications:
Alerting you via email that there is a new comment just doesn’t seem necessary.
4.Comments and Recommends:
In all feeds, the number of comments and recommends on a post are no longer joined together, but are instead displayed separately. 
5. Bumping into people:
We really love the new “bump into” feature on Amplify and have received very positive feedback about it.  Read more at


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