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@warstreskkid On my desk, I’m looking at 6 screens: Thinkpad XP laptop with 22″ Samsung monitor, T750 monitor on Mythbuntu, eee Pad TF101 with keyboard, iPod 3G and Blackberry Torch.  Four are portable, two aren’t.  The most strategic decisions I make are on applications, that have cross-platform support, e.g. Amaya for HTML editing, nVu for graphics editing, jEdit for text editing.  Still, there’s gaps to be filled.

I use Google Docs and Google Sites, as well as Gmail, but I’m not quite ready to rely on Google as my personal cloud provider.  When I’m not attached to wifi, the lack of connection is an annoyance, but not a showstopper.

In response to My Desktop Everywhere.

I have stopped carrying my computer back and forth to work, instead leaving it at home as my “desktop” here and using another box at work. I couldn’t quite get away from the convenience of UNIX for development and am learning how to use Ubuntu on it, but in spite of a different operating system, I’m using it in almost the exact same way as my MacBook Pro sitting at home. As for portability, I’m carrying my iPod Touch around with me at all times now after basically leaving it untouched for the past 3 years. It’s limited, but it’s unnoticeable to carry and comes in handy in a few spots.