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@warstrekkid I signed up to Dropbox, too, but use Evernote more for cross-platform scribbles, and Google Docs for sharing documents.  I still use Delicious and Diigo for social bookmarking.  From my work Lotus Notes calendar, I invite my Google Calendar to publicly foreshadow my travel.  For music, I still buy CDs, rip them to my Mythbuntu server, and have learned to access the Samba share from Windows to drag-and-drop via iTunes to my iPod Touch.

My work computer is now Ubuntu 10.04, with an occasional dual boot into Windows 7.  One of those few reboots is for iTunes, since there’s no Ubuntu equivalent … which has me looking into Android-based music players … but keeping one foot in the Apple world let me appreciate how that ecosystem works.

via How My Desktop Follows Me.

Here’s the list of computing tasks and needs that I have and the services that have me covered:

  • [….] Evernote. [….]
  • Pandora, Spotify, iTunes syncing. [….]
  • documents: Dropbox. But to be honest, I don’t really use documents anymore and haven’t really used dropbox. Weird.
  • bookmarks: Chrome syncing. Without this, I could have never made the switch, but between the computers I use regularly, I’m largely in exactly the same state since I spend so much time in the browser. This, along with Google+ (as discussed here), stopped my delicious usage almost entirely. Instead, I can keep a “To Read” folder on my bookmarks toolbar and leaves interesting but long sites in there.
  • calendar: iCal. Someday, I might switch to Google Calendar, but since it syncs up to my iPod, this has worked out fine.