@sachac To track a few really important feeds, I create “imaginary friends” on Friendfeed, and then have ff@chat.friendfeed.com send XMPP messages to one of my Google Chat sessions.  I watch feeds (even for Twitter) on Google Reader, making the distinction between content for which I don’t want to be interrupted, and things that should require immediate action.

Since Friendfeed has been stabilized, I’ve wondered about better RSS to XMPP alternatives, but haven’t acted on them to date.

Comment on Monitoring multiple WordPress sites for comments using Yahoo Pipes | sacha chua :: living an awesome life.

I wanted to make it easier to check comments on multiple sites. Instead of checking each site regularly or configuring them to send me e-mail (too much e-mail!), I used Yahoo Pipes to combine the blog comment feeds from each site into one main feed. Then I added that feed to iGoogle, along with gadgets for weather, calendar, and mail. Tada! Dashboard.

Do you manage multiple WordPress blogs? How do you stay on top of them?