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@warstrekkid Your notes on Fernando Flores’ talk at CS378 at Stanford surfaces familiar territory for the immersed, and are helpful in appreciating his current state of mind.  The not “giving definitions or explaining concepts” is consistent with the “system of ideas” in a phenomenological style that I’ve also seen in Pierre Bourdieu’s writings (that we also rooted in Heidegger).

Comment on Notes from Class with Fernando Flores.

Today in CS378, Fernando Flores came to speak with us. I would give an explanation of the class and his work, but I don’t think I can. The class has largely been taught without giving definitions or explaining concepts, but instead discussing ideas and trying to tie them together into a holistic sense of what’s going on. In any case, I took some notes (mostly quotes and paraphrases) on interesting things that Fernando said in the same spirit that Terry Winograd explained after class that he took notes in: you definitely can’t recompose anything that Fernando said from them, but they might be interesting things to think about and digest.