“Very happy” Indonesians, Indians, Mexicans are way beyond Aussies, Americans, Canadians, Brits, says Ipsos.

Global research company Ipsos recently released results from its annual world happiness poll, which talked to 18,687 adults in 24 countries about their happiness. [….]

Some countries are significantly happier than others happiness is, of course, subjective. Indonesia, India Mexico, and Brazil lead the pack in happiness, while Russia, South Korea, and Hungary are all pretty miserable see the chart. There are other factors as well: People who are under 25 are most likely to say they’re “very happy”; Latin American countries as a whole have the most “very happy” people; and people with high income and extensive education are also most likely to report being “very happy.”

From “The Secrets Of The Happiest Countries In The World” | Ariel Schwartz | Feb. 17, 2012 | Fast Co.Exist at http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679311/the-secrets-of-the-happiest-countries-in-the-world.

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