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@sachac On setting future paths, think about purpose and bounds. It’s sometimes easier to set the bounds, i.e. directions where you don’t want to go, and let the purpose emerge.  This may not be an appropriate style for a large group that can a variety of goals, but it’s workable for individuals or maybe two to three people where coordination can be negotiated in an agile manner, and large bodies of resources aren’t wasted.

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What do I do? What do I want to do? What challenge do I want to address? What problem do I want to solve? What vision do I want to realize?

I’m not sure.

I’m tempted to be prematurely certain. I’ve listened to my fair share of “Oh, I’m working on a startup” people who confidently declare that their audience is “Well, everyone, I guess…” and who deflect further questions with, “We’re keeping our plans secret for now.”

I’m tempted to flee into the familiar. Consulting, web development with Drupal or Ruby on Rails… People ask me for these services, and it would be easy to focus on that: well-defined, well-understood. I know I can deliver when it comes to that. I also know that those services won’t take me all the way to where I want to go.