Four key enablers to the Internet of Things (Lara Srivastata) | Dan Verhaeghe | July 7, 2011 |

The Internet of Things is more than sensors (instruments), and has risen with information convergence (interconnections) and (embedded) intelligence.

Dr. Lara Srivastava, a Professor in Media and Communications at Webster University and involved with the World Bank in information development among other things did a presentation in Budapest on May 16th explains that they are four key enablers to The Internet of Things:

  • 1) Tagging Things (NFC, QR Codes, Digital Watermarking, etc.)
  • 2) Sensing Things (such as botanicals which is technology that reacts to moisture, smart textiles and smart pavement)
  • 3) Shrinking Things (making products smaller, yet smarter)
  • 4) Thinking Things (objects that access semantic web and open cloud data to customize things)

Lara says that we’ve always had sensors, and that we’ve been at pains for some time to make information processing smaller, faster and cheaper.

She continued in saying that convergence has long been the name of the game with wireless communication (RFID, GSM, 3G, WLAN, WiMAX, LTE) communication, product identification (barcodes, RFID), process control (sensor networks, home automation) and network interconnection (Ethernet, Internet, www, email)

Lara continued in saying that embedded intelligence (smart cities, homes, transportation, and beyond), real-time monitoring (medical applications and environmental management), augmented reality (real and virtual world seamlessness) and semantic information (where a smart web  known as Web 3.0 could meet the Internet of Things) were the major complimentary technologies to look forward to.

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