bit.flow | Julius Popp (2008) | Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Chaos and order are illustrated in art.   At the Ars Electronica in Linz, some participants of the IFSR Conversation 2012 saw the “bit.flow” installation by Julius Popp.  The full title is “bit.flow – Inquiry into Shifting Values and Perceptibility of Information”.

ArsElectronica BitFlow

Description of the artwork led me to dig into background understanding:

This work sets up both a visual and conceptual association to the ancient myth of Ariadne’s thread in which chaos is vanquished by order.  “bit.flow” reflects Michel Foucault’s interpretation of this myth.  What if the famed and rather fragile filament had torn?  At the same time, “bit.flow” is a consideration of purported chaos and the order inherent in it.  Dozens of the tiny pieces of the “red thread” coalesce to form a chaotic swam of particles or bits of information, they unexpectedly arrange themselves at a particular point to reestablish the order of Ariadne’s thread.  Only there do they open up the path to perceptibility.

Julius Popp

The red fluid inside inside of the clear tubes is better appreciated with motion pictures.

There’s added significance of the name Ariadne in the movie “Inception”.


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