Boomers have a stake in Gen Ys success | Rob Carrick | May 17, 2012 |The Globe and Mail

While the older generation complains about hard times, young adults are finding their plight much worse than their parents.

Boomers, who’s going to buy your house when you’re done with it? Who are the taxpayers of the future who will help pay for your health care and the Old Age Security you get to collect at age 65 while everyone else waits to 67? Face it, boomers. You need those young people to deliver.

They may disappoint you, though. Young adults are racking up big debts to pay for postsecondary schooling and they’re having trouble finding career-building first jobs. Some are moving back in with their parents and working either for free through unpaid internships or taking dead-end jobs just to pay the bills. If this situation gets any worse, the younger generation might not feel too co-operative toward the older one. [….]

Since the Second World War, it has been a core belief in this country that each new generation would do better than the preceding one. Now, the pattern has broken. “We now have a generation that believes it’s doing worse than the generation before it,” said Mr. Graves, president of Ekos Research Associates. “The belief in progress that we have in Canada is in terrible disarray, if not shattered.”

Boomers have a stake in Gen Ys success | Rob Carrick | May 17, 2012 |The Globe and Mail at
Boomers have a stake in Gen Ys success - The Globe and Mail