Kids predisposed to smartphones, because 39% of moms give them to play with, says @eMarketer, citing @StacyDeBroff and @JKC888, nearly as much as DVDs or Nintendo.

A Mom Central Consulting survey from January 2012, for example, found that 39% of US mothers who use the internet, have a mobile phone that they pass on to their children to keep them engaged during a car trip. Only the Nintendo DS and the car DVD player or video were used more often to keep kids engaged during car travel (at 40% and 47%, respectively). And just over one-quarter of the moms surveyed shared their iPads with their kids.

Smartphones Are Mom’s New Babysitter - eMarketer

Another survey conducted in July 2011 by BlogHer and The Parenting Group dovetails with Mom Central’s findings. Some 33% of Gen Y and 20% of Gen X moms who use the internet told BlogHer that their children had used smartphones by age 2. Slightly higher percentages of moms said their children age 2 or younger had used mobile phones and laptops.

Smartphones Are Mom’s New Babysitter - eMarketer

Smartphones Are Mom’s New Babysitter | May 9, 2012 | eMarketer

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