Lemon Bucket Orkestra at Toronto Pearson Airport, May 31, 2012

It was the Lemon Bucket Orkestra @lemonbucket that preceded me at the Pearson Airport arrivals gates on May 31, when I was coming back from Dallas.

Airport Klezmer

Linking the experience with the musicians was easier with the Sunday newspaper article.

The 14-member band are doing something long forgotten by most Romanians — playing complex folk and Roma gypsy tunes, and belting out boozy choruses in Ukrainian, Serbian and other regional languages. But to the surprise of many, these minstrels are not Romanian old-timers. The Lemon Bucket Orkestra is mainly comprised of muscular Canadian party animals in their twenties who look and act like punks with long blond hair, neon mohawks, and a wild spirit formed in guerrilla street performances in downtown Toronto and most recently, on board a delayed Air Canada flight at Pearson International Airport.

“Isn’t it nice that a nice group of Canadians are playing nice music from your country?” band leader and violinist Mark Marczyk asks a crowd of about 150 on a Sunday night in May at Bar Mosckva in the baroque city of Oradea near the Hungarian border.

“Lemon Bucket Orkestra bring Romanian music to Romania” | Christopher Johnson | June 3, 2012 | Toronto Star, at http://www.toronto.com/article/731116–lemon-bucket-orkestra-bring-romanian-music-to-romania

This also led discovering the performance on the outbound flight on Air Canada.

Somehow, I’m not surprised that the Lemon Bucket Orkestra is Canadian.