Clara Bassano, Art of Governmentality

At #hsse2012, Clara Bassano with @jimspohrer introduces art of governmentality by Foucault with SSME+D framework and Viable Systems Approach by Golinelli and Barile.  VSA Information Variety Model (Barile, 2009) interactions rely a lot on shared value. Government as an institution (structure) and practice (system). Smarter government not just on a problem solving approach, but governmentality based on common objectives, attitudes and predispositions (rationale, creativity and loyalty) owned variety, knowledge and synergistic cooperation. Viability of system depends on capability for synthesizing pressures. Value created thorugh multi-level governance interaction.

Different models for management of corporate image and identity include a variety of practices, but (a) consider communications as a largely tactical activity, and (b) don’t distinguish between strategic and tactical management, (c) don’t categorize corporation communication decisions, and (d) don’t identify corporate communication resources. Research to explore corporation communication levels of decision making.

Found chapter by P. Piciocchi, J. Spohrer, C. Bassano, A. Giuiusa, “Smart Governance to
mediate human expectations and systems context interactions” at . Earlier article published June 2012 in Service Science by Jim Spohrer, Paolo Piciocchi and Clara Bassano, “Three Frameworks for Service Research: Exploring Multilevel Governance in Nested, Networked Systems” at . Slides at .

Also found 2010 Service Science Barile and Polese article “Smart Service Systems and Viable Service Systems: Applying Systems Theory to Service Science” at and .

Governmentality is described at .  Noticed 2010 European Journal of Social Theory article by Mark Bevir, U.C. Berkeley, on “Rethinking governmentality: Towards genealogies of governance” that may be helpful to appreciate intellectual development. .

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