Hiroshi Deguchi, Service chains

At #hsse2012 @wideexit Hiroshi Deguchi service chain developing in an Internet of Things age.  Service components have limited value as a fragment of the service chain.  Example inside hospital: reception service, consultation, care service, examination service, surgical, ….

Service accounting point of view: value added and consumed at point of service creation.  Resources of three types: human resource, equipment resource, information resource.  Information resources can play an important role as platform.

Example: washing service with inputed value-added by housewife, compared to laundry service.  Similarly cooking service.

Home use printing creates value inside a household.

Different lifestyles have different service chains.

Sometimes self-produced service chain planning, in household.  Contrast to pro-produced service chain, e.g. clinical path.

New self or partly produced service chains require a new information service, e.g. self-produced medical and health care service chain.

Potential for network service providers to become more important than traditional brand providers.