Robert Lusch, Human side of Service Ecosystems

At #hsse2012 @RobertLusch sees service ecosystems everywhere, cites mutualism from zoology, positive-sum exchanges.  Crocodile allows birds to clean teeth, birds get nutrition.  Cites Bronstein (1994) for service to service exchanges.

Human beings want to do more and more with less and less.  Rock gets shaped into abstract sculpture, value is uniquely determined (FP10).  If sculpture was ice, and melted away, tangible things are a medium to do intangible things.

Value co-creation through resource integration and service exchanges.  Three types of currency: economic currency, social currency and public currency.

Field stone from Matt Ridley from TED 2010, also earlier “I, Pencil”, similar to computer mouse today.  Difference that no one knows how to make mouse, have to start from bauxite … wholesale distribution.  We’re so highly dependent on each other.  Thus specialization with a high division of labour.

Division of labour –> exchange –> change –> inovating –> quality of life.  All reliant on institutions.

Extra somatic memory enables more trust, risk-taking, rights, …, language.

Increasing drop in hours of work, increased average wealth.  Resource integration through shared institutional logics, in institutions (some shared, some unique).  Microscopic service-to-service exchange.  Macrostructure influences micro-actions.

Forthcoming article in Organizational Dynamics by Lusch and Bronstein.

Noticed 2011 Vargo and Lusch Industrial Marketing Management article “It’s all B2B…and beyond: Toward a systems perspective of the market” at