Fail by @Bell Mobility with @canadapostcorp epost ca…

Fail by @Bell_Mobility with @canadapostcorp bill presentment via @BMO.

Tried to enter Bell 14-digit number for online/telebanking for son’s new Bell Mobility account into BMO online banking, got message “Invalid Account Number”.  Repeated procedure directly on, got same problem.

Sent e-message to BMO, got response:

Thank you for contacting us about adding an account to epost.

I am sorry to read that you are experiencing difficulty adding your Bell Mobility account to epost. Regrettably, I am unable to add this account to epost on your behalf. In order to discuss adding your account to epost, I invite you to contact epost directly at 1-877-376-1212 and a representative will be pleased to assist you.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you have any further questions, write to us again or call us at 1-800-363-9992. Thank you for choosing BMO Bank of Montreal for your everyday banking needs.

Customer Contact Agent, BMO Bank of Montreal

Finding an address on the help page of, I sent an email to , receiving the following reply.

Thank you for your patience as our 2nd level support worked to resolve your service ticket #95044.

Unfortunately, your bill cannot be currently added to our systems. You will need to call into Bell Mobility and request that your bill be converted to a Bell One Bill account. Only Bell One Bill accounts can be added to epost at this time.

If you have any questions please contact us at 1-877-376-1212 and an agent will be happy to assist you.

We thank you for managing your mail online with Canada Post’s epost™ service.


Jonathan C.
epost Customer Service

I then phoned Bell Mobility, at the 416-674-2233 number on the back of the bill. Speaking with a rep, I read them the response from ePost.  When the rep heard about a Bell One Bill account, he asked if I wanted to be transferred over to someone at Bell Canada.

Speaking the agent at Bell Canada, she says that we can’t have a Bell One Bill account unless we have more than one service from Bell. Bell One Bill is normally given to people with residential phone service.

Bell Canada can’t see the 14-digit Client ID Number for Bell Mobility, and won’t give me a Bell One Bill number.  I can’t add my son’s bill to our family Bell One Bill account, because the account is in his name.  Bell Mobility knows nothing about .

Are we better to continue the paper invoice with the $2 per month charge?  Yes, Bell Mobility will send an e-bill to an e-mail address, but who is accountable if something gets lost?

We don’t have this problem with our Fido bill!


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4 comments on “Fail by @Bell Mobility with @canadapostcorp epost ca…
  1. At any given moment on the planet, how many similar situations are occurring? Where is the tipping point for technological incompetence? I remember when computing and email were fun; where a search on the internet found meaningful information… not to mention the inherent conflict of privacy looming in the clouds.


  2. Hunkah says:

    I too have had this same issue. The huge HUGE time consuming and waste of time, when you are told to contact the other company 5 times I did this. I got the response that it was the other company’s fault and they had no idea why it didn’t work. epost says “Bell Mobility”, but it is a lie, because Bell doesn’t have the ability to add a Mobility to epost. It isn’t an epost issue, it is a Bell issue, but they don’t wan to fix it. They want you to bundle. I refuse to bundle because if they screw up (which they have done before) I will be charged hookup fees for all bundled services, even when they claim I hadn’t paid them (which I did, the day after I got my bill since the day I started with them) It wasted 14 hours of my time speaking with agents to finally get my phone reconnected and the charges reversed. I had to pay them upfront for the reconnection fees. If I had bundled, that would have been a whole lot more! I refuse to bundle, because Bell employs monkeys that don’t know how to do their jobs and Bell doesn’t know how to work their financial department. Why would I want to bundle when they can’t be trusted.



  3. Harry says:

    I have this issue too. Bell blames epost and epost says it is Bell. I personally think it is Bell, as why would epost accept everyone except Bell Mobility?

    The whole thing is driving me crazy and it makes me want to switch away from Bell Mobility.


    • Matt says:

      Spoke with E-post customer service today and they told me that Bell Canada is in the process of withdrawing from E-post. Several of their services are no longer available as of now. On the other hand Bell Customer service spent 15 minutes trying to help me entering my account in E-post today unaware of what E-post is reporting this morning. A notification from Bell on our invoices would have been appropriate.


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