These startups help cut your cell bill | Brian Borzykowski | March 21, 2011 | The Globe and Mail

Would using a broker help negotiate a mobile phone plan in Canada? It seems there’s enough opportunity to create some startups.

Business executives and owners are increasingly outsourcing their telecom bill negotiations. Ted Gorsline started MobileVantage 18 months ago and already his phone is ringing non-stop. At first he took every client he could find – individuals and smaller firms — but now he’s focusing on small businesses. “Business owners want to sell their products, not worry about cellphone expenses,” he explains. “So companies have been more receptive to the idea of someone else taking charge to cut costs.”

Ross Pinkerton, CEO of Toronto’s ERA Canada, a company that helps reduce costs for medium-sized business, has also fielded an increasing amount of requests to deal with mobile bills. Mr. Pinkerton doesn’t deal exclusively with cellphones plans – he tries to cut expenses across all areas of a business — but he has seen client bills soar in the past few years.

“Wireless costs have increased markedly,” he says. “We have a more mobile work force, people are working out of the office, there’s greater functionality on smartphones – it costs money to do all that.”

He says business owners are more receptive to getting outside help to reduce costs than most Canadians. While a lot of the entrepreneurs he’s worked with say they’re comfortable reigning in labour or freight costs, with complicated plans and bills that vary from month to month, many of his customers are at a loss when it comes to navigating the wireless space.“

Costs are trending upward significantly and steeply,” Mr. Pinkerton says. “And no one in an organization can say why.”

These startups help cut your cell bill | Brian Borzykowski | March 21, 2011 | The Globe and Mail at

These startups help cut your cell bill - The Globe and Mail