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@warstrekkid Moving out of college dorms to your first real place could initially lead to hoarding, which you should resist.  While warehouse stores may (or may not) have lower prices in bulk, buying large quantities can rapidly convert your closets becoming equivalent to the back room of a retailer.  Inventory on hand is an asset, only until it becomes a burden.

On October 10th, I became an official Mountain View resident by moving into a condo, which doesn’t have nearly enough furniture. [….]

On Monday, my friend Tom took me along to Costco, where I found more things that I needed in quantities similar to my 25 pound bag of steel cut oatmeal. I have more dried fruits and nuts than ever before, and I can survive many flour incidents before running out. That goes along with a few salmon filets that I cut up on Tuesday and threw into my freezer.

Just 2 months ago, I was desperate to rid myself of an unneeded possessions to slim down into a living room’s worth of stuff. Now, I’m buying in preparation for months ahead and agonizing over the details of my household purchases and setup since I know I’ll have to deal with it for awhile now. Without school, there are no clear transitions ahead in my life, and though that does mean a constant battle against complacency, I’m finally living into my environment and establishing it not just for tomorrow, but to next year as well, and even further out. Let’s hope I’m ready for all of it.

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