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Comment on “Made my largest sketchnote ever! Painting the MaRS Lean Startup Day banner” | sacha chua :: living an awesome life http://sachachua.com/blog/2012/11/made-my-largest-sketchnote-ever-painting-the-mars-lean-startup-day-banner/.

… why not sketchnote the banner as well? I told them I’d never worked on anything that big, but they were up for the experiment and I was too. [….]

Based on the proportions of the paper, we cut the canvas to roughly 68” by 120”. Coming from years of sketchnoting on a laptop screen (and doing the occasional blackboard/easel pad), it was certainly quite a new experience! It was so tall that I had to stand on a chair to reach parts of it. Glad to see that the proportion lessons I’d taken in art class paid off, though – I found it easy to work with the large space.