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@sachac Negotiated order and legal (rule-based) order are two ways in which people and processes can be tied together.  Negotiated order is easier in smaller organizations, and legal order is easier in larger organizations.  The challenge comes when the limits of each is reached.  When a larger organizations has challenges maintaining legal order, it needs to try more negotiated order; when a smaller organization has challenges maintaining negotiated order, it needs to try more legal order.

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I’m reminded of something that I read in the E-Myth Enterprise:

People-oriented companies depend on “good” people to produce results, where “good” is defined as experienced, successful, self-motivated—in short, people who can be depended upon to produce good results. Someone is always shouting, “Find me someone who knows how to get the job done!” in a people-oriented company.

Process-oriented companies depend on good processes to produce results, where good is defined as the process’s ability to produce the very best results in the hands of inexperienced (or less experienced) people than the competition needs to produce the same results.

(p116, The E-Myth Enterprise: How to Turn A Great Idea Into a Thriving Business– affiliate link)

I don’t want to rely on just working with good people. I want to build up good processes that can harness good people. If I get to the point where I need to hire someone else because my assistants have become integral to someone else’s business or life, that’s not so bad. I’ll get more experience in hiring. Each person gives me another opportunity to improve my processes and learn from somebody new. I actually enjoy the hiring process, although it also makes me feel mixed emotions – such a candy store of talent out there! I don’t mind doing more of it.