“In Studio: Recipes for Systemic Change” by @hdl2010 for @SitraFund reflects Finnish style of practical collaborative research.  Downloadable 2011 book describes findings from three Studio Challenges, and how they were conducted by the Helsinki Design Lab.

This book explores the HDL Studio Model, a unique way of bringing together the right people, a carefully framed problem, a supportive place, and an open-ended process to craft an integrated vision and sketch the pathway towards strategic improvement. It’s particularly geared towards problems that have no single owner.

It includes an introduction to Strategic Design, a “how-to” manual for organizing Studios, and three practical examples of what an HDL Studio looks like in action. Geoff Mulgan, CEO of NESTA, has written the foreword and Mikko Kosonen, President of Sitra, contributed the afterword.

The book comes in three parts:

  • 1. Strategic Design
    • Includes Strategic Design as Beyond Vision, the Pursuit of Synthesis, and “Applied Optimism”
  • 2. HDL 2010 studios of (i) Education Studio, (ii) Sustainability Studio, and (ii) Ageing Studio
    • Each with (a) Challenge excerpt, (b) Team, (c) Week Schedule and (d) Outcomes
  • 3. HDL Studio Model How-tos
    • Includes (i) building a team, (ii) organizing a week, (iii) expected outcomes
    • Includes detailed  (i) Education Studio Challenge Brief, (ii) Sustainability Studio Challenge Brief, and (iii) Ageing Studio Challenge Brief

Full book downloadable from “In Studio: Recipes for Systemic Change” | Brian Boyer, Justin W. Cook, Marco Steinberg | 2011 | Helsinki Design Lab, powered by Sitra at http://helsinkidesignlab.org/instudio/.

Via “Architecture of Change” | Satsuko VanAntwerp | Dec. 14, 2012 | thinkthrice.ca at http://thinkthrice.ca/blog/13605618/architecture-of-change

In Studio: Recipes for Systemic change