Tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly | March 14, 2013 | Building Feedly

Reactivated RSS reading on @feedly in anticipation of the demise of Google Reader by July.  Feedly features have improved a lot since I last tried it.  In addition to browser version, installed Feedly app on Android tablet, so reading stays synchronized.  Cleaned up OPML reading list while I was trying out the new interface.

Tip #1: A more condensed view

A lot of Google Reader users use their reader as a research/curation tool and need to be able to crunch through a lot of articles very fast. When you are in a feed or category page, you can click on the gear icon and select the Titles view to get a denser text only experience. If you want assign the titles view to all your feeds and categories, there is a global knob in the preference page.

More compact

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