LibreOffice adoption soaring, but OpenOffice still open source king | Jon Brodkin | March 27, 2013 | Ars Technica

Apache OpenOffice still appears to be the leader. LibreOffice is installed by default with Ubuntu 12.04.

It stands to reason that there is a bigger base of existing OpenOffice users than LibreOffice ones, both among individuals and corporations, thanks to its long history and name recognition inside and outside the open source community. Its also beating LibreOffice on new downloads, as far as we can tell.

OpenOffice’s published download stats show that it often hits 160,000 or 170,000 new downloads a day. On a “bad” day, the number might drop to 120,000.

Perhaps LibreOffices figure of new downloads is higher than the 100,000 new IP addresses requesting updates each day, but we don’t know based on the available data. “We are also working at getting a similar statistic for downloads, which measure the number of people who get the software but not the number of people who use it,” Vignoli said. “We would of course like to provide the most accurate figures, but we are still a very young project and we have been constantly upgrading our infrastructure during the course of the last two years, since we have launched LibreOffice.”

Controversy over LibreOffice adoption figures arose last October when Rob Weir, an OpenOffice contributor and IBM architect who works on the Open Document Format, wrote the aforementioned series of blog posts questioning “LibreOffice’s Dubious Claims.”

Whereas OpenOffice releases daily download rates, LibreOffice adoption numbers come “from download claims in press releases, and then only at long intervals,” Weir wrote. “We have no idea what exactly they are counting. They have never made the detailed stats public. This does not mean that the numbers are incorrect, of course. It just means that no one outside of their project’s leadership is able to verify the claims.”

Weir took the projects total download numbers and calculated an average daily download rate of 29,460 for LibreOffice and 127,326 for OpenOffice.

Clearly, LibreOffice is enjoying much quicker adoption now. Weirs average was based on the total number of downloads of LibreOffice since January 2011, including the early days when LibreOffice was counting fewer than 10,000 new users a day.

Still, OpenOffice has “a massive brand advantage,” LibreOffice developer Michael Meeks, an employee of Attachmates SUSE business unit, told Ars. “They have a huge and valuable brand that we helped build for many years. Its an enduring sadness that they are not working with us. Clearly, they have more downloads, I think there’s no doubt about that. But we’re growing rather rapidly.”

LibreOffice adoption soaring, but OpenOffice still open source king | Jon Brodkin | March 27, 2013 | Ars Technica at

LibreOffice adoption soaring, but OpenOffice still open source king | Ars Technica