IBM GTO 2013

At #ibmimpact @srabrams on IBM Global Technology Outlook preceding 3 in-depth sessions.

Mega Trends:
A. Growing scale / lower barrier of entry (users, transactions, computations, data);
B. Increasing complexity / yet more consumable (data and data management, workloads, discovering insights, interaction);
C. Fast pace;
D. Contextual overload.

Major Waves of Technology.
Back office computing,
World wide web,
Confluence of social, mobile, cloud, big data / analytics

Rapidly evolving Infrastructure
1. Mobile First
2. Scalable Services Ecosystem
3. Software Defined Environments
The Future of Big Data and Analytics
4. Multimedia and Visual Analytics
5. Contextual Enterprise
6. Personalized Education

1. Mobile First as reimagining business around constantly connected employees and customers
Trend: smartphone adoption
Opportunity: change business
Challenge: differentiation
Mobile first is NOT “Mobile also”
New design patterns: continuous client engagement, scalable delivery infrastructure, engagement services

2. Scalable Services Ecosystem
Trend: APIs as a service, make accessible to others, new business models
Like evolution of SOA, companies would deal with each other, but mostly used on intranet
Now, potential emphasizes Internet
See with born-on-the-web companies
Increasing number of new APIs registered per day
Used to have traditional infrastructure, then cloud disrupting IT consumption model
Example: telcos opening up core payment capabilities to capture value in the online payment market

3. Software Defined Environments
Trend: Enterprise cloud adoption is accelerating
Opportunity: Business leadership in cloud
Challenge: Urgency for building open ecosystems
Cloud infrastructure as programmable: workload abstraction; resource abstraction (s d compute, s d storage, s d network); mapping to resource; continuous optimization

4. Multimedia and Visual Analytics
On Internet, 75% is audio and video
Trend: demand for video analytics
Opportunity: insights
Challenge: difficult technical domains, massive scale real-time computing and deep semantic understanding
Massive multimedia is biggest data wave
How to visualize uncertainty

5 Contextual Enterprise
Carrying around smartphone, could know where I am, when, with what friends
Opportunity: making life better
Example: social service provider to find right programs for medicare, etc., could combine contextual information, so that person with prescription has right support structure

6. Personalized Education
Educational market is changing, MOOCs for free or fee
Will have some interesting longitudinal studies at tail end of traditional education, and new web education