Chinese Cuisine Patterns Revealed By Food Network Analysis | July 25, 2013 | The Physics arXiv Blog | MIT Technology Review

Like Chinese food?  Which type?  Computer scientists have found that cuisines from 20 regions in China are more similar by geographic proximity, rather than climate proximity.

Today, Yu-Xiao Zhu at the Beijing Computational Science Research Center in China and a few buddies use a web-based recipe database to analyse the cuisines from 20 regions in China. They then compared these cuisines and worked out whether geography or climate was the more important factor in the similarities.  [….]

The results throw up a couple of surprises. First they found two regional cuisines that differed substantially from each other and from everything else. These are the cuisines associated with Hong Kong and YunGui. “This may reflect the facts that ethnic minorities have historically resided in the YunGui region and that Hong Kong was ruled by the British Empire and Japan for more than 100 years,” say the team.

They then looked at the similarities between cuisines from similar climates as measured by their average temperature difference. They also looked at the similarities between cuisines that are geographically close to each other (while also allowing for the fact that they may also have similar climates).

In some ways, their conclusion is unsurprising. “We found that the geographical proximity, rather than climate proximity is a crucial factor that determines the similarity of regional cuisines,” they say.

That also provides an interesting insight into the way food cultures evolve. Clearly, people move from one region to another, taking their recipes with them, where they can modify them as they wish. Obviously, that happens more often between regions are geographically close.

Chinese Cuisine Patterns Revealed By Food Network Analysis | July 25, 2013 | The Physics arXiv Blog | MIT Technology Review at
Chinese Cuisine Patterns Revealed By Food Network Analysis | MIT Technology Review


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