2014/01/27 8:25 Rick Dove, “Review Process”, Agile Systems and Systems Engineering Working Group

Rick Dove (Paradigm Shift International) leading session for Agile Systems and Systems Engineering Working Group

Purpose of session is to for authors to quickly overview articles, then attendees to provide review feedback to revised content in anticipation of July issue of INCOSE Insight.

This digest was created in real-time during the meeting, based on the speaker’s presentation(s) and comments from the audience. The content should not be viewed as an official transcript of the meeting, but only as an interpretation by a single individual. Lapses, grammatical errors, and typing mistakes may not have been corrected. Questions about content should be directed to the originator. The digest has been made available for purposes of scholarship, posted by David Ing.

INCOSE International Workshop 2014, Torrance, California

Review articles are at:

Style for INCOSE Insight prefers review as essays:  speak from first person, don’t give a lot of reference, speak from heart if going to share

Charter of theme issue is 10 essays, plus an overview

  • Have one dropout
  • Have put self in as essay #10, but haven’t written it yet

Order of presentation is by convenience to authors, who are dialing in

Agile systems coming from an architectural core concept,

  • Different from process or product orientations

INCOSE interested in what agile would be

In software development, the agile mind in design and build are in the same mind

  • In hardware development, may not be in the same mind

Comment:  in D-schools, may us rapid prototyping as part of the design language

  • A way to bring agility into development
  • Architecture may be one way to agile, but it may not be the only way

The charter from INCOSE is the more general domain

Comment: Working in an agile at scale environment, using the Leffingwell model

  • What we call systems engineering, they call product management
  • Agile at scale is trying to deal with the same problems

Haven’t look into agile at scale

  • In observations of preliminary models, people look to agile as Scrum as management and XP as techniques

There are things that are in scrum that have nothing to do with scrum

  • Have to do sprints, retrospectives, demonstrations
  • Product owner and scrum master aren’t essential, but helpful
  • Scrum is a rapid learning loop, at the end of every iteration and release, on what was produced, and how it was produced

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