The announcement by the Open Source Initiative OSI…

The announcement by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) of inBloom — an educational institution — as an affilate member contrasts to the major of OSI members who are centered on core technologioes.

The Open Source Initiative ( is very pleased to announce … Affiliate Members: inBloom ( …  [….]

inBloom is an independent nonprofit organization that provides efficient and cost-effective means for school districts to give teachers the information and tools necessary to strengthen their connection with each student. inBloom’s Secure Data Service enables widely varied educational tools to work together so that teachers can more easily tailor education to the needs, skill level and learning pace of each individual student. It can also engage parents more deeply in their children’s learning, and save teachers time and schools money. In addition, inBloom offers a substantial security upgrade to the common resources being used, including paper records or disconnected and antiquated databases with few security features.

“inBloom intends to become a champion of open source software development in the context of educational tools for K12 and fully uphold the Open Source Definition. As a company that has built a disruptive technology for an industry where there is a lot of resistance to change, our mission mirrors that of the OSI as educators and advocates for the transparency and community involvement that is synonymous with open source software,” said Vincent Mayers, Open Source Community Manager at inBloom.

“Open Source Initiative (OSI) announces new Affiliate Members” | Deb Bryant | March 12, 2014 at .

Here’s a video of the inBloom vision.

From the FAQ at

Q: How is inBloom funded?

inBloom was established as an independent, nonprofit organization to carry forward the mission of the Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC) and make personalized learning a reality for every student in America. inBloom is funded with initial philanthropic support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York.

inBloom services focus on data operability, with content search services the Learning Resources Metadata Initiative, the national Learning Registry, and the Common Core and other standards, and will support companies that want to create third-party applications.

The open source project for developers has some starter apps.



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