2014/10/16 08:30 “Welcome”, #RSD3

First day plenary welcome to #RSD3 Relating Systems Thinking and Design 3, at AHO, Oslo, Norway

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Program at http://systemic-design.net/rsd3-2014/program/

Welcome by Rachel Troye, pro rector AHO, Head of The Institute of Design

  • 220 participants, despite 3 other design events in the Oslo area
  • 20 nations represented
  • Public and private sector, says relevance and importance
  • Impact and potential for contribution

World needs large scale systemic designs for global health, climate change

  • Nelson Mandela as a great systems thinker, problems in South Africa today is just as problem
  • Need more than beautiful designs, need service design with a systemic approach

At Institute for Design, teaching systems oriented design

  • Interaction, service and systems design
  • Designers as experts that can make a difference
  • International position, and network

[Birger Sevaldson]

Is there a systems thinking renaissance in design?

  • Response to increasing complexity faced by designers
  • World too complex for linear and goal-driven management

In one year

  • Have found renewed interest in systems thinking and design
  • Experience growing, we’re still young

RSD3 Facts

  • Collage of keynote speakers
  • One had to unfortunately withdraw
  • Organizing committee introduction

A lightweight system

  • Lack of coffee
  • Try to keep the planning as low as possible
  • The more planning, the more that can go wrong
  • The atmosphere created by us

Yesterday, preconference day

Have exhibitions

  • Posters, outside on glass wall, people who submitted abstracts who were asked to give posters instead
  • Gigamapping exhibition, including some from OCAD U. in Toronto
  • In this room, student projects in progress

Cancellations:  Ann Pendleton-Jullian, Deaune Denmark

  • Replacement keynote speaker: Michael Hensel

One-third academics, one-third students with 20 to 30 Ph.D. fellows, one-third people from business

After conference, requested slide presentation, abstract and working paper

  • Second stage, invited selection for full papers, peer review

Formakademisk special issue RSD2

  • Wanted to publish by today, but postponed, will be done before Christmas


  • Waterhole
  • Party tonight, instead of conference dinner that was thought too stiff
  • LinkedIn group
  • Have web site
  • Twitter

Books, if want heavier luggage:

  • AHO Works (free, can take some)
  • Some books for sale
  • Complexity and other beasts, about systems oriented design
  • Design for Care, Peter Jones
  • The Design Way, revised edition, Harold

The future

  • Third and last time in Oslo, for the foreseeable future
  • Will have in Canada for next 2 years, will give more information at end of symposium

Field of possibilities

Reflection Design Thinking (arrows) Systems Thinking
(arrows) (arrows)
Research by (thorough) Design (arrows) Action research
(arrows) (arrows)
Action Design Practice (arrows) Systems Practice
Field of design Field of systems



#design, #systems-thinking