2014/10/16 16:15 David Ing, “An Invitation to Service Systems Thinking: Collaborating on a New Generative Pattern Language”, #RSD3

First day presentation by @daviding at #RSD3 Relating Systems Thinking and Design 3, in Theories and Methods track, at AHO, Oslo, Norway, moderated by @redesign

Program is at http://systemic-design.net/rsd3-2014/program/

This presentation takes a risk by jumping over the background materials (Conversations for Orientation) to focus on Conversations for Possibilities.  Interested parties mystified by this content may want to look at the two 90-minute videos of “Incubating Service Systems Thinking” at http://coevolving.com/blogs/index.php/archive/incubating-service-systems-thinking/ .

Sketchnote on presentation by David Ing drawn by Danielle Olson at https://twitter.com/DROdesigner/status/522751044154310657 .

Sketchnote on presentation by David Ing, drawn by Danielle Olson

Sketchnote on presentation by David Ing, drawn by Patricia Kambitsch at https://twitter.com/playthink/status/523126303625850880 .


Presentation slides are available at http://coevolving.com/commons/201410-an-invitation-to-service-systems-thinking.

An Invitation to Service Systems Thinking

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