2014/10/17 10:45 Carolin Kowollik and Wolfgang Jonas, “Clashing cultures – a systemic examination of onboard and destination cultures in cruise tourism”, #RSD3

Carolin Kowollik and Wolfgang Jonas, second day #RSD3 “Business and Enterprise Design, Sustainability and Economic Policy” track at Relating Systems Thinking and Design 3, at AHO, Oslo, Norway

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Program is at http://systemic-design.net/rsd3-2014/program/

Institut fur Transportation Design

  • Background in user centered design, and futures

In Venice, tourism a big issue

  • Lots of cruise ships in port
  • Passenger carrying capacity:  buses, trash, toilets
  • Venetians have to move out of town if don’t work in hotel, etc.
  • Venice turning into a Disneyland

Venetian protests:  No Grandi Navi, movement against cruise ships in Venice

  • Not socially sustainable

Other possibilities?

Sensitivity modelling:  Frederic Vester 2002, The Art of Interconnected Thinking

  • Mathematical
  • Doesn’t produce solutions, provides understanding

Systems thinking, defining variables

  • 1. Stakeholders
  • 2. Actions
  • 3. Space
  • 4. Conditions

Cross-impact analysis

  • Strength of influence across variables (0 == none; 3 == strong)
  • Active sum, passive sum
  • Plot:  active, critical, reactive, buffering

Interest in active and critical variables

  • Experience of cruise tourists can be bad or good
  • Respective of cruise tourists can be low or high
  • Size and number of cruise ships can be small and few, or big and many
  • Share of local economy
  • Local policy strength
  • Consumer culture

Effect system:

  • Strong influences shown, with reinforcing effects

Analyzing cultural identity of a cruise

  • Ways of traveling, ways of socializing, ways of housing, ways of working and learning, ways of dining, ways of recreation
  • Methods:  cultural probes, with log books

Sketchnoting of Carolin Kowollik presentation by Patricia Kambitsch at https://www.flickr.com/photos/shagdora/15556508662/

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