2014/10/17 09:50  Ryan Church, Ksenia Benifand and Nihal Ahmed, “Reimagining the Future: The Biomimetic Economy”, #RSD3

@BiomeDesign @KBenifand @iNihalAhmed second day #RSD3 “Sustainability, policy & business” track at Relating Systems Thinking and Design 3, at AHO, Oslo, Norway

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Program is at http://systemic-design.net/rsd3-2014/program/

All Master’s of Design students at OCAD U.

Economy within an ecology

Biomimicry: emulate nature’s processes

  • Biology has been around longer than human beings
  • Information (proteins) to give form

Research purpose:

  • Explore how biomimicry can be applied to economy
  • Businesses today poorly prepared to deal with unexpected


  • A learning tool for companies
  • Swim from bottom, up to top


Design principles

Three horizons

Type I system:  rapid growth system, with crash

  • Like dandelion

Type II system: panarchy

Type III system:  shared futures infinity loop

  • Old growth forests

Kalundborg Ecopark

  • Closed loop systems
  • Creating value out of waste

Circular economy

  • Thinking about material flow, production and patterns of consumption

Today, a lot of underutilized assets

  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation sees $1 trillion in business opportunities, in study by McKinsey

Diverse economies, from Jane Jacobs, The Nature of Economies

  • One strategy is import stretching:  new value added to an existing ood or import, turned into something new for export
  • Lease Jeans, in Germany:  after a year with jeans, can (i) keep it, (ii) switch, or (iii) send it back where it will be used for new clothing.
  • Another strategy:  import replacement:  making things locally
  • Atlantic Leather, in Iceland, using fish scales for fashion forward shoes and clothing


  • Rethinking product design and production
  • Fostering collaborative relationship

Reimagining the Future: The Biomimetic Economy

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