2015/07/04 11:05, Taichi Isaku, “The Cooking Language:  Applying the Theory of Properties and Patterns into Cooking”, Purplsoc

Presentation at Purplsoc, Taichi Isaku, Keio U.

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At PURPLSOC (Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change) 2015, Danube University Krems, Austria

[Taichi Isaku, slides at http://www.slideshare.net/taichiisaku/the-cooking-language-extending-the-theory-of-pattens-for-a-new-way-to-cook]

Pattern Writing for Creativity and Cooking


  • Usually Name, ingredients, steps

Recipe has limitation:

  • Out of daily contexts:  most people don’t need a recipte
  • Lack of creativity: Just following the directions exactly isn’t creative

Recipes will continue, but need a new way to be more creative

Cooking language

  • Focuses on a single food item, and names the ways it would be used in cooking

Ontology:  sublanguages with cooking words

  • e.g. egg language, onion language, tofu language
  • Cooking words:  egg language has taste trap, yolk glaze, egg sauce, taste sponge

If I have an egg in the fridge, what can I cook with this?

Two page spread:

  • Left, picture
  • Right:  context and explanation

19 egg words

  • Egg sauce: the yolk of the egg can become a sauce for bread or rice
  • Yolk glaze:  you can paint some yolk, when baked, it will become a glaze

3 uses:

  • A source for ideas
  • Guideline for making cooking deicsions
  • Tool to analyze dishes by others

e.g. katsu-don has egg as a clinging veil

Can cook soup and use the eggs as a Taste Sponge

Links to Alexander:

  • Wholeness
  • Centers
  • Centers exists chiefly in relation to the Wholeness

Reinterpret to cooking

  • The dish as whole
  • Ingredients as centers

The ingredients define the dish

  • The dish defines the role of the ingredients

Cooking words aren’t exactly patterns

  • Some scientific problems, some are because they make it taste good

Want to make a connection with the previous pattern language

Alexander;  wholeness includes cultural aspects

Taichi Isaku

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