2015/07/04 11:30, Hiroshi Nakano, “Japanese Spirituality and Pattern Language”, Purplsoc

Presentation at Purplsoc, Hiroshi Nakano, Center for Environmental Structure Tokyo

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At PURPLSOC (Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change) 2015, Danube University Krems, Austria

[Hiro Nakano]

Worked 30 years ago on construction of the Eishin high school

Talking today about deep structure in pattern language

  • Japanese spirituality, but could mean any culture

Gauguin: From where to we come from?  What are we? To where are we going?

  • Had issues with government officials in tsunami area

Christopher Alexander started career with question:  What causes beauty?

Part of movie by Kurosawa

  • Beauty comes from a spirituality

Japanese Spirituality, A Zen Life, D. T. Suzuki

  • Every object, either organic or non-organic, has a life essence
  • Difference is only more or less of the degree

Have to take a look at the way of making language

Project language:

  • From pattern book and patterns
  • Mix with local patterns
  • Call this a project language, which becomes a center of the whole

Pattern language is a part of the whole

Project language leads to an actual realization

Why do we need centers?

  • e.g. a hand is a kind of foot
  • A fist is also a hand, which is also a center

If can make a good narrative story out of patterns, like a centering process

  • Aggregate to make stronger and stronger
  • Can start at any moment

Two sides:  from the side of process; from the side of form

  • Vision to Pattern to Centering process to Quality Pattern Language to a Project Language

In projects:

  • Center 1 natural environment
  • Center 2 gate to shopping street
  • Center 3
  • Center 4

Centering process is a path, oriented towards form

Idea isn’t the battle

  • It’s a big stream at present
  • Could have branches off the side
  • Should be able to reconcile or compromise between System A and System B

Cartoon Museum Krems, Hiroshi Nakano


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