2015/07/05 10:35 Norihiko Kimura and Takashi Iba, “The Fundamental Behavioral Properties”, Purplsoc

Presentation at Purplsoc, Norihiko Kimura and Takashi Iba @taka_iba, Keio University.

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At PURPLSOC (Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change) 2015, Danube University Krems, Austria

[Norihiko Kimura]

New properties for capturing and relating wholeness

The wholeness of Lively Human Activity

  • Have been creating pattern languages on human activity
  • Finding wholeness in people’s activities, hard to separate into parts
  • Beethoven composed while walking

How can we capture the wholeness?

  • In Nature of Order, defines a basic unit of “center”
  • Liveliness in centers that activate each other

Beethoven:  composing and walking

  • Mutual helping centers

Will focus on 3 of 24 properties

1. Bootstrap:  Centers that radiate their own energy

  • e.g. boy becomes interested in Milky Way from book in library.
  • Finding the library is the bootstrap

2. Source:  Overwhelmingly strong center

  • Social entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur becomes the key source of energy

6. Togetherness

  • Small centers strengthening each other
  • e.g. conferences on pattern languages, community

How were Behavioral Properties found?

  • Investigated pattern languages
  • Alexander says a Pattern Language is a way defining centers

1. Find the mechanism behind the patterns

  • Read
  • Group

2. Refining and revising the properties

  • Verified

3. Expressing behavioral properties

What is the usage of behavioral properties?

  • Pattern mining
  • Pattern writing
  • Designing

Relation between behavioral and Alexander?

  • Geometric at a point in time
  • Behavioral properties over a series of time

Possible future

  • Alexander talks about color properties in Book 4, essential part of wholeness
  • In human activity, emotions are important to create a lively wholeness

Anticipate that can reach a comprehensive theory of wholeness

Norihiko Kimura

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