2015/07/08 09:25 Thomas Wiedmann, “Intercity Carbon Footprint Networks”, ISIE, U. Surrey

Plenary talk by Thomas Wiedmann, UNSW at  “Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology”, 8th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, University of Surrey, Guildford, July 7-10, 2015

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Plenary talks for ISIE 2015 are by contributors to an open access volume, Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology, available online as open access e-book from Springer in fall 2015.  See the table of contents and the Springer book description.

Tommy Wiedmann is Associate Professor of Sustainability Research, University of New South Wales, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

[Thomas Widemann]

Presentation different from book chapter that was presented last year

53% of people life in urban areas, 2 billion new urban residents mean that need to build 100 new cities with 1 million residents each year, or two every week between now and 2035

DI_20150708 032844 ISIE plenary ThomasWiedmann GHG cities

Greenhouse Gases:

  • Territorial is only one part (which is putting a dome over part of a city)
  • Cities draw power from hinterlands, need to appreciate if looking at metabolism

Publications:  PAS 2070:2013

Scope 1:  Within cities

  • Scope 2: With grid-supplied electricity
  • Scope 3: Include outside the city boundaries

DI_20150708 033114 ISIE plenary ThomasWiedmann MRIO

To account in a systematic way, want an account of all emissions

  • MRIO: Nested Carbon accounting Framework

DI_20150708 033140 ISIE plenary ThomasWiedmann CarbonMap

Calculate a carbon map

  • Melbourne carbon map — from Wiedmann, Chen and Barrett 2015, The Concept of City Carbon Maps

DI_20150708 033705 ISIE plenary ThomasWiedmann CityCarbonNetworks

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