2016/03/21 10:20 Brad Lukanic, “Innovation Around Us.  The Ecology of Think + Create”, T-Summit 2016

#tsummit2016 Brad Lukanic rapid TED-style talk on Innovation Around Us.  The Ecology of Think + Create

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T-Summit 2016, Transformational Approaches to Creating T-Shaped Professionals, National Academy of Sciences Building, March 21-22, 2016

Brad Lukanic, Exeuctive Director Education, Cannon Design

Innovation Around Us.  The Ecology of Think + Create

  • Will have a workshop later

10 stories

Pixar has made a lot of animations

  • Started in computer business
  • Started doing short animations to sell their product

Pixar Shorts:  company evolved

  • Something new emerged

T-shaped organization, and the individual20

IoT:  50 billion devices by 2020

Look at the work with fresh eyes

  • Map of world in light pollution; scientific citations

Opportunity for imagination and reinvention

Dreamers and creators

Map of social media strategy transit map:  moments of intersections and collisions

10 stories:

1.  GE:

  • Vision 2020
  • Closed innovation concept (research to development) to open innovation coucept (from outside the company)

2.  AT&T

  • Resilient, acquiring Direct Tv
  • Four AT&T Foundry:  places to connect, bring together cohorts of individuals

3. Kaiser Permanente:

  • Not just acute care, but also preventive care
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • 10 million members, pushing to preventive care
  • Permanente Center for Preventative Health
  • Thrive program
  • Designing for joy, in helath delivery center
  • Starting Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, starting doctors in preventive care

4. CK, Korea

  • Not just research and development, pods with testing spaces

5.  Marquette U. partnering with Aurora Healthcare

  • Athletic performance
  • Doctors, teachers, athletes

6. Under Armour

  • 23 year old started company in basement
  • Apparel into high-performance equipment, now getting into healthcare and wellness
  • Partnering with U. Maryland to create sports medicine, performance

7. Texas Christian U.

  • Cross-departmental spaces

8. U. Buffalo, Gates Foundation

  • Four entities into one:  not just hospital, lab, incubator

9. Lassonde Enterprenueurial Institute, U. Utah

  • Living and residential, with incubator spaces
  • Can do 3-D printing and then upstairs to be

10. Koe Model School, Istanbul

  • Hubs, not walls
  • Curriculum, not just within rooms

Quick fire challenge:  a lot of ways of taking in space and place


Sequential or simultaneous?

  • Many simultaneous, spaces changing rapidly
  • Many examples apart from academia