2016/07/27 09:25 Mila Popovitch, “Economics of Dignity and New Economy: Valuing Planet, People and Progress”, ISSS 2016 Boulder

Plenary @ISSSMeeting @MilaPopovich, Keynote #isss2016USA, 60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and 1st Policy Congress of ISSS, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Day 3 theme:  Cultural, Ethical, and Economic Wisdom

Plenary V: Making Sense in Economics, Ethics, and Policy

  • Description: We need to examine the foundation of our global economic system that assumes unlimited growth in a finite world, to consider the paradigms of regenerative capital, steady-state economics, and innovation. This means considering no-growth and negative-growth models, and perhaps shifting our concept of growth from quantity to quality, from extraction to investment in natural and human capital.

Chair: Mila Popovitch, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Presentation by Mila Popovitch, University of Colorado, Boulder

[Mila Popovitch]

Mila Popovitch, Wednesday plenary

Experience in humanities, comparative literature

  • Expiate for the sins

Female micro-subjectivity

Started in consultancy in evolved leadership, education for social change

  • Transdisciplinary education for new leadership for transformational change

Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science

  • Chair, only woman
  • Old structures are being turned inside out

Have started a working group on New Economic Theory

  • Wide international group of disillusioned, but enheartened people
  • Ethics, mindset, worldview that runs us
  • The lens through which we view the world
  • No value without consent
  • Had 3 conferences:  Florida Gainesville, Lisbon Stellenbosch

History of World Academy

  • 1959, scientists including Oppenheimer, disheartened
  • Realized the knowledge they have been creating as been co-opted
  • 1960, started World University, bringing eminent thinkers together, that have key roles in merit, but show a steady service to humanity
  • Have to be developed in wide influence
  • Have a 14 year artist from Russia, to leaders of states

Beehive image

  • Website for new economic theory

Focused on changing values and policies, generating unemployment, widening inequality and bankrupting nature

  • Change value, and then deliver value


  • Cocreating, reimagining


Depletion and devastation of soil, soul and society

  • Need to reinvent and re-embody

Postmodern economy has led us to postmortem

  • Values
  • Paradoxical twist

Complex times require paradoxical solutions in return

  • What paradox can we bring?
  • That which is priceless — the true human potential — can be brought out
  • What do you share, that multiplies in return?
  • Get pushback
  • Not a crazy polarity
  • A way of being and acting in the world

Economics is creation, exchange, relationship

  • Can we reframe this, for reciprocity?


  • Capitalism from democracy
  • Even if have money, no guarantee of well-being
  • Hypnotic power of capitalism, even when a new book is written
  • U.S. democratic socialist, no one says we should reimagine socialism

Restoring the order of care

  • Create a social climate, system of care
  • Have to rearrange desires, not talking about buying power
  • Where are you investing your time, your emotions, where will you put that currency in?
  • Need more elegant living

In polarizing push and pulls of reward and punishment

  • Threat of discussion
  • Media
  • Want to talk about growth, evolution, carrying them forward
  • Measuring how transformed we are, how far we’ve come
  • To have technological solutions, we’ll have a lot of edifices
  • Sustainability as damage control
  • Edifices can be blown up, not sustainable
  • Sustainability as an art, bring art into sustainability

Systems sciences and systemic approach

  • Yesterday, workshop on rising social artistry, showing up in the world
  • Have been practicising systems sciences
  • Start with entry point, but then get overwhelmed
  • Perspective to study deep and wide:  governing principles and practices

Systemic study of megatrends, evolutionary process, 4 or 5 elements

  • Cannot be thinking of dealing, without correlations, e.g. micro-macro; inside-out; within-without

Space junk: halo of trash

  • Throwing a bottle out of car
  • Throwing into another country
  • There is an outside

Paradox: hold and balance

Continuum:  thinking – acting – being

  • Being in superposition
  • Joining multiple states of being
  • Can’t transport body
  • Consciousness is limitless, can regenerate
  • Identity is derived, e.g. women migrating around the world
  • If don’t deal with spectrum, will be dealing with welfare cases, immigration cases

We come as an accumulation of dream and desire of generations before us

  • Owe it as the seedling of what is coming forth
  • Native philosophy of 7 generations after you
  • Hope that we can play together, stay together

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