2016/07/28 09:00 Rick Dove, “Enabling and Facilitating Engineered Sustainability”, ISSS 2016 Boulder

Plenary @ISSSMeeting Rick Dove, Keynote #isss2016USA, 60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and 1st Policy Congress of ISSS, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Day 4 theme:  Systems Theory, Management, and Practice

Plenary VII: Engineering Sustainable Systems and Technology

  • Description: To build sustainable and thriving systems, societies, and civilizations we need to combine real-world experience with practical methods in engineering, design, cybernetics, ethical control systems, service systems, and other emerging technological fields such as bioneering and nanotechnology. How do we transcend current limits to realize innovative and entrepreneurial technological possibilities within a sustainability framework?

Chair: Gary Smith, EADS Cassidian Systems, European Region Director, INCOSE Healthcare Working Group

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Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International, Stevens Institute of Technology

[Rick Dove]

Rick Dove, Thursday plenary

How many in audience are systems engineers?

  • May have the wrong impression of what systems engineers are

Leader in agile engineering, started in Lehigh U.

  • What comes after lean, lean enterprise?
  • Workshop of 13 companies, what would determine the next 10 to 15 years
  • Agreed that things are changing so fast, they can’t keep up
  • The next competitive enterprise as agile
  • Since 1991, have been trying to understand what agility means in all types of systems

Will spend time sharing what we know is true (and not enough time to give background)

Agility and sustainability are the same thing

In the 1990s, analyzed real-world systems that exhibited agility

  • Came up with architecture
  • Now doing another project with INCOSE, understanding the behaviour (the previous were on structure)

CURVE: Workshop with companies that claim to have agility

  • Capriciousness
  • Uncertainty
  • Risk
  • Variation
  • Evolution

Rick Dove, Response In Two Dimensions

Agility as response in 2 dimensions:

  • proactive proficiency and reactive proficiency
  • Thought as measuring agility in speed, as ability to detect, and ability to catch up
  • But then found both reactivity and proactive dimensions
  • Lower right as resilient, but not proactive

Rick Dove, Iconic Agile Architecture Pattern

Iconic Agile Architecture Pattern

  • Response construction architecture
  • In agile systems, agile enterprises, agile processes
  • Lets things be augmented, configured, extended
  • Resources: encapsulated, inside not exposed to the outside world

Agility-enabling structural patterns from 1992, discovery research confirmed 10

  • Reusable
  • Reconfigurable
  • Scalable

Agility-facilitating behaviour patterns, from 3-day workshops, now 2016 working hypothesis

  • Monitoring: external awareness; internal awareness; sense making
  • Mitigating: decision making; action making; action evaluation
  • Evolving (improves above): experimentation variation on ConOps); evaluation (internal/external judgement); memory (current ConOps)

Agile on software development is a family of software processes and approaches as a noun, doesn’t help you with being agile

  • Constant is learning loops
  • Learn what you should have been doing 10 minutes ago, in the next 5 minutes
  • Dance with environment your system is working with

Rick Dove, Asynchronous Simultaneous Agile Life Cycle Framework

Asynchronous / Simultaneous Agile Life-Cycle Framework

  • Want agile to coexist with waterfall
  • Not discrete events, they happen any time, no requirement of doing this before that
  • Research:  awareness both internal and external

Evolution and innovation

  • Darwinian
  • Horizontal gene transfer (Smets, Barth F and Tarmar Barkey 2005):  Carl Woese

Stuart Kauffman: At Home in the Universe

  • Made students read, they didn’t know why
  • Defines life as anything that evolves, doesn’t have to be biological
  • Non-organismic evolution is trajectory through stages

Now looking at complex systems of systems that need to be agile

  • Evolution trajectory
  • Sustainable enterprise (collective human endeavor) has power structures
  • Wikipedia
  • U.S. “democracy” (maybe republic)
  • Catholic church
  • Enterprises can throw off benefits that stakeholders are looking for

Now looking at Security 2.0 as agile, because the bad guys are very agile

Component conscience:  an agent on the side that guides

Peer behaviour judgement:  watching each other

Sustainability as a natural selection fundamental, it’s what happens, can slow down, speed up, screw it up (but try not to screw it up)

My system is in the bag, but the environment owns the system

I’m an engineer, I make things better

  • Building on things in the past, complexity, a natural evolutionary trajectory

Live with complexity, rather than trying to control it

Confrontation:  systems engineering or systems shepherding (to roll with it)

  • Want to integrate with the laws of nature

We can’t deal with the complexity that we’re creating


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