2016/07/28 13:40 Discussion on “Prospectus for a New Systems Synthesis”, ISSS 2016 Boulder

Parallel session @ISSSMeeting Prospectus for a New Systems Synthesis #isss2016USA, 60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and 1st Policy Congress of ISSS, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Chair: David Rousseau, Centre for Systems Philosophy

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John Kineman introducing Peter Jones and Patricia Kambitsch

[Peter Jones]

  • Practice of sketching associated with Related Systems Thinking and Design
  • http://systemic-design.net/
  • At OCADU, Systemic Design course
  • AHO in Oslo is one of the few that are similar

Practice of visual literacy

  • Sketchnote (on iPad or single sheet of paper) is different from live sketching (on large poster)

[Patricia Kambitsch]

  • Anyone can do this, can train
  • Follow the impulse, when you’re talking to someone on the phone
  • Pictures can be a route into a different dialogue
  • Sketches are internal reflections by sketchers, not necessarily what the speaker said

[Peter Tuddenham, VP of Systems Education]

Each host of the workshop should have a 10-minute review

[Dino Karabeg, University of Oslo]

Two educational projects on curating creative

Systemic innovation, technological innovation

  • With Knowledge Federation and systems scientists

Knowledge Federation with media workers

Prototype, evolved with inputs of knowledge

  • Embedded in real-life

Projects have different goals:

  • Leadership and systemic innovation program (Alexander Laszlo is developing in Buenos Aires), to create systemic innovation as a discipline; and impact institutions in Argentina (since some students are already leader)
  • Collaborology:  systemic prototype in education.  Global Education Future Forum.  Transformation design patterns.  Weaving into an educational program, offered through U. of Dubrovnik.

Workshop here was almost an initiation ritual.

  • Hands-on collaboration
  • Knowledge Federation vision, from Doug Englebart:  information technology can enable completely different ways of communicating (and then could be used for systemic change)
  • Where can we do this?
  • Where do we start?
  • A collective intelligence, capable of understanding the world and handling it

Want to start in this community.

  • We can’t do work without insight into systems.
  • Systemic thinkers self-organize, started with Alexander Lazslo in 2013.
  • First stage of lighthouse: how can we organize to be world-changing
  • Second, how do we express them through communications designs
  • Third, how do we replace this event with a larger community event?

[Ockie Bosch]

Will talk about progress over the past 2 years

  • IFSR Conversation 2008 Fuschl
  • IFSR Conversation 2010 Pernegg
  • People who want to become systems scientists, and people who want to practice systems science

Introductory models:

  • System
  • Contextualization
  • Interconnections
  • Root case
  • Feedback
  • Paradox
  • Change

Advanced models

  • Identifying issues of concern

What was to infilitrate system into universities

  • Value  adding to existing programs
  • Put into faculty core, then disicpline core

Transdisciplinary master’s

  • Core:  systems thinking and systems dyanmics; systems and social responsbility; designing sustainable systems
  • Cohesive list of courses clustered in fields
  • Examples of partnerships

A new era MBA:  a collecxtion of courses

  • Tried to create an interconnected MBA system, for managers
  • Transformational leadership course

All of the content so far deals with getting to integrated management, i.e. plan to implement systemic intervention which causes change.

[Louis Klein]

The Systemic Change Institute

  • If there are systemic issues, there might be systemic solutions
  • Complexity is a major buzz world

Project Management Institute, lean, six sigma

  • For 6 years, have been dealing with these organizations, they’re like a guild
  • If there is something like project management, there should be something like the Systemic Change Institute

For people in the corporate world, social complexity of change:

  • Technical:  focus, especially for engineers
  • Political
  • Cultural perspective


  • Change agent: team members (managers)
  • Change master: team leaders (directors)
  • Change entrepreneur: change leaders / navigators (VP+)

Handed over to the European University of Government

  • Online course, checks
  • Onsite skill training

Dual education:  during the job

Public entrepreneurship

Systems research

Two projects, where we don’t rub in systems, but they are about change and governance

[Ray Ison]

People in program, think of a word that explains your experience

First academic job was in Australia, under Richard Bawden

  • Since been in didactic modes

1970s studies of teaching now now disappeared with the rise of the Internet

Any academic worth their salt has to be an expert in student’s learning experience

  • Should support each other, rather than competing
  • Now pursuing a new membership category in IFSR for education providers

History of education of universities in cybernetics is institutional failure

  • Almost all have failed
  • Need to understand the failure, world may or may not become more conducive to learning

[Len Troncale]

No Powerpoint slides

Have workshops at this conference

Had assessment data, funding agencies want that

Created institute, 20 to 30 fellowships per year

  • Grants for $250K
  • Designed a Comparative Systems Analysis programs
  • Refused, became a minor

1978, funded by Office of Education for $400K to design a national model for environmental education

  • Were going to use isomorphies
  • Went to Far West Labs for $1M
  • Never published as a national model, because leader went over to Warfield ISM

Early 1990s, directory of 170 systems program across the world

  • Most all have folded
  • Reasons for folding:  what works and what doesn’t
  • Got $2.5M from NSF and CSU to design an integrated systems sciences model
  • General education, were going to do online and in labs
  • 25 obstacles that inhibit
  • Did gamification for course materials, and tests imbedded in program
  • Taught 300 students, lots of assessment data

Last quarter, taught in the master’s program in College of Engineering, taught in systems engineering

Working with INCOSE Systems Science Working Grup


[Pavel Luksha, Moscow]

School of Management, leading Russian school based on systems thinking

  • Gary K, as per Heinz von Foerster, Russell Ackoo

Work applied to find change agents in large Russian agents

Since 2008, worked with government

Wortked with almost all companies in sectors in Russia

Designers of smart grease, working in countries across Europe and Asia

Try to create pockets of experience

Request to create a course that could be a mainestation of the system of tomorrow


California Community College system.  $17M grant for making education.  Take the skills in learning and innovation in maker space.  Could do as a GE in a lower course.

  • [Troncale] Community colleges previously weren’t available
  • Want to make sure the academic senate would be approved at the campus level
  • [Ison] In Sweden, if what people had to learn about waste in cafeteria, would get a feeling

Program in Vietnam, game that people were playing.

  • [Bosch] Ecopolicy game, to learn interconnectedness
  • Has grown in Vietnam, not only schools and universities, but also to government officials
  • Now taking from South Australia to other places in Australia

Dino Karabeg has blogged


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