2016/07/26-29 Live Sketches of Plenaries, ISSS 2016 Boulder

Plenary @ISSSMeeting Live Sketches of Plenaries by @playthink Patricia Kambitsch, #isss2016USA, 60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and 1st Policy Congress of ISSS, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Full size images are in the 20160726 ISSS Boulder Sketching album, with a lightbox show.

Plenary 03 Connecting Human And Natural Systems Research

Plenary 03 ConnectingHumanAndNaturalSystemsResearch

Plenary 04 Crisis Science Anticipatory Real Time And Preventive

Plenary 04 CrisisScienceAnticipatoryRealTimeAndPreventive

Plenary 05 Making Sense In Economics Ethics And Policy

Plenary 05 MakingSenseInEconomicsEthicsAndPolicy

Plenary 06 Multi Cultural Worldviews On Sustainability

Plenary 06 MultiCulturalWorldviewsOnSustainability

Plenary 07 Engineering Sustainable Systems And Technology

Plenary 07 EngineeringSustainableSystemsAndTechnology

Plenary 08 Prospects For Scientific Systemic Synthesis

Plenary 08 ProspectsForScientificSystemicSynthesis

Plenary 09 Human Capacity Communication And Student Research

Plenary 09 HumanCapacityCommunicationAndStudentResearch

Plenary 10 Ranulph Glanville Memorial Talk: Systems Literacy And Outreach

Plenary 10 RanulphGlanvilleMemorialTalk SystemsLiteracyAndOutreach




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