2016/07/29 11:10 Peter Tuddenham, “Systems Literacy”, ISSS 2016 Boulder

Plenary @ISSSMeeting @peterdtuddenham, Keynote #isss2016USA, 60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and 1st Policy Congress of ISSS, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Day 5 theme:  Education, Communication, and Capacity

Plenary X: Systems Literacy Education and Outreach

  • Description: Achieving sustainable and more synergistic futures requires education in systems thinking and connection with new modes of social communication. Our highest priority should be to legitimize whole systems research and to provide adequate guidance to student/expert collaborative learning within a program of Systems Literacy. How do we ‘train the trainers’ and launch this program?

Chair: Peter Tuddenham, College of Exploration

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Presentation by Peter Tuddenham

[Peter Tuddenham]

Peter Tuddenham, Friday plenary

Had a passion on Ocean Literacy, to get learning about oceans into schools

Systems literacy grounded in the natural sciences, and our own wholeness

A start on systems literacy

  • An understanding of a system’s influence on you, and your influence on a system

Ocean literacy produced 7 principles

  • Tells a story in itself

Essential principles of systems (sciences)

  • 1. One … whole
  • 2. Shape, form, whole
  • 3. Major influence on …
  • 4. Systems make our life … Patterns, flows, cycles
  • 5. Systems are divse ..
  • 6. Systems … humans
  • 7. More to learn, explore, understand

Stumbled into this in Berlin, brought Ocean Literacy principles

U.S. next generation science standards, influenced by Ocean Literacy work

  • Want NSF to know that systems sciences people have act together

Matrix of Crosscutting Concepts in NGSS

Peter Tuddenham, Matrix Of Cross Cutting Concepts In NGSS

Started journey with Open University Systems Behaviour course

Living Systems Symbols from Ilan Riss (based on Living Systems work from James Grier Miller)

  • System sensibilities and system sensitivities

Two videos on Vimeo

  • Ocean Literacy video from U.S., signed with Canada and UK
  • EU project on Ocean Literacy, now in action, funded with 6M EUR (Sea Change, Increasing Ocean Literacy)

Assignment of questions for a conversation

  • At IFSR, had a session on systems literarcy


Problem is consciousness, experience.  Don’t appreciate that we aren’t separated from the whole.


Literacy, metaphors, applications.  Ontology and literacy.  Responsible mapping beween us and ocean.

Brain science, natural ability to perceive in a systems way.

[… long dialogue …]

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