2017/09/09 14:15 Colette Murphy, Kristy Milland, Greig de Peuter, Trebor Scholz, Frisia Donders, “Freelancers, the Gig Economy, and Platform Co-ops”, Disrupting the Disruptors

Plenary @colette_murphy @TurkerNational Greig de Peuter @TreborS @CoopsCanada #platformcoop, platformcoop.ca/, Bram & Bluma Appel Salon, Toronto Public Library

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Colette Murphy, Executive Director, Atkinson Foundation @AtkinsonCF

  • How we build stronger movements for better work
  • Use both public policy, and people power

Role of workers are a bigger part of our economy

Platform work has been criticized for lack of dignity, accountability and consent

Centre for Policy Alternatives

  • Independent workers are considered contractors
  • Not protected by Employment Standards Act
  • Expectation of just-in-time labour delivery

How can we make it better for this group of people?

Frisia Donders, Greig de Peuter, Trevor Schultz, Kristy Milland, Colette Murphy, Atkinson Foundation


  • Frisia Donders, SMart cooperative
  • Greig de Peuter, Wilfred Laurier University, how cultural workers organize
  • Trevor Scholz, New School
  • Kristy Milland, McMaster University
  • Colette Murphy, Atkinson Foundation


Last 40 years, wages stagnated started 1978, while productivity increased

  • Initially, made up difference by women going to work (movie 9 to 5)
  • Worked longer hours
  • Then home equity loans
  • 2007 Occupy Wall Street
  • Then 2008 collapse:  people would take a pay cut, and then moving to independent work, lost worker rights
  • Mechanical Turk, but lawmakers say it’s illegal

Bureau of Labor Statistics say people are happy

  • But 2/3 of people who are independent, they say they would rather be employed

Need new access to jobs, what does it do to your life?

  • Can you plan family, if you’re a Lyft driver?  They dropped rates 30% to be competitive.

Important to acknowledge opportunities

Not just platform models, but also other sectors

[Kristy Milland]

Spent 12 years on Mechanical Turk

Then, going back to school, see what they were doing

There are 2 Turkers of 40,000 who want to speak to the media

Recently, looking at content moderation

  • Realize, I have PTSD

Do you have any physical impairments?

  • RSI, from clicking 17 hours per day

Saying Amazon Mechanical Turk is the worst, get vitriol on Reddit

So, took an Uber today, talked with Uber driver

  • He had a heart attack
  • Started driving with Uber
  • $48,000 sounds good, but $3000 on insurance, etc. … and driving 60 hours per day

Now French parliament is taking action

  • We have to find a solution

Dynamo coalition, can’t get papers published

Platforms could be user-run, they could be coop

If we have a platform, we should be able to talk to other workers — you can’t in Mechanical Turk

Should consider a platform actually for workers

  • Maybe not the perfect answer, but it’s an easy answer
  • People are there, now

Grieg: On the sidelines of cooperatives

  • 10 years ago, went to Mondragon
  • On one side, positive
  • On the other side, some outsourcing to low wage countries

Cultural workers:

  • Creative class, want to draw more attention to precariousness
  • Have been surveying cultural workers
  • Job security
  • Pressure to work for no pay
  • Race, gender, pay
  • Unpaid internships
  • Piece work

Collective organizations, including unions, that don’t fit workplace forms

  • Have interview 100 activists

Intern unpaid

Wage:  certification for U.S. galleries that pay artists fees

Digital newsrooms, with Gawker

Unionize Canadian branch of Vice, 200 people

Winning better pay, media goals

Broader survey research:  platform cooperative is one in the range of strategies to disrupt power structures

One thread:  coworking spaces

  • Who’s who of creative class precarious
  • Coworking:  members fork over a fee to a private business
  • Buy back resources, e.g. desks, workplace community
  • Makes flexible capitalism
  • But coworking was bottomup
  • 10,000 coworking spaces worldwide
  • Coworking has been captured by corporate
  • Could recapture, time has come

If coops form according to needs, then coworking can respond to independent workers

  • Coops and coworking:  could split rent, work against isolation

Growing small number of coworking coops

  • In Montreal
  • In Wales, IndyQ
  • In UK, also discount insurance, other supports

For anticapitalism, coworking spaces are a transitional phase:  a mutual aid accelerator

Colette:  How to build worker voice, at scale, where are we seeing opportunities at a firm level to a policy level?


In European, people are thinking more about collectives

  • In November, meeting will discuss European social rights and social security
  • Freelancers, independent workers, self-employed — thinking of a global system

France and Netherlands, can quickly become entrepreneur and take all of the risks by an independent

  • Have to share risks
  • No social security with entrepreneur steps

Two approaches, could have social security for all workers

Greig:  Digital journalism

  • Have been working on inside workers on unionizing Vice Media Canada, 200 people of 2000 worldwide
  • Gawker unionization last year created interest
  • Gawker unionized, accepted by management, increased wages
  • Vice Canada went with Canadian Media Guild, started 2015, vote in 2016, May 1 2017 saw wage gains, equity committee
  • Collective bargaining rights, with full-time staff speaking on behalf of part-time staff

Trevor:  Mutualizing risk

  • Banyan, Tuts Berlin
  • In Toronto, collaboration with union
  • FairBnB.ca is coming out of union to regulate short-term rental in Canada
  • South Africa taxis also supported by unions

Colette:  Workers as invisible?  What could make them more visible?

Kristy:  Tough

  • As an organizer, tough to find other workers
  • Difficult for a panel of 3, found one other person in India
  • Have to start with organizing physical workers, people you can find, in a proof of concept

Put up a piece of work:  Dynamo, try it for 5 minutes

  • Believe if you build it, they will come
  • If offering a platform that listens with people, they will go along with it
  • Has to be done right

Daymo came with promises up front that workers would be involved, but then had academic grading of work

Colette: Which industry would help the most marginalized?

Trebor:  Social care workers are underpaid, there’s so many of them

  • If you build a platform with them, they will stay


Question:  Basic salary, basic income?  Co-ops will support this model of the not well paid?

Trebor:  Universal basic income, as an example of what platform coops should do

  • Should change power
  • Coops won’t destroy capitalism
  • Basic income does change the game
  • How can coops change the game?
  • Contribution to the commons?
  • How do you contribute?

Colette:  In Ontario, child benefits; for elderly OAS and GAINS

[Question] Up and go workers were most hidden.  How to organize more hidden workers?  How can we build cohesion, when building in the basket?  How do we negotiate precarious?

Frisia:  Next to revival of coop movement, also building guilds, where people are represented by a majority

  • Representation of people who don’t speak up

Trebor:  National Worker Alliance has undocumented workers

  • Platforms are a problem, if have anonymity
  • Must be a way

Kristy:  Platform workers, the platform know who they are

  • Force the companies to be transparent about who is working there
  • Then government knows about them, could pay income tax

Wrote letters to Jeff Bezos, to tell him who we were

  • Asked how many active workers on Mechanical Turk
  • Said, yes, but never got the information
  • If have them tell us, then opens up the company

[Question]  Competitors hiring autonomous workers, hard to coops to compete — and some of them are coops.  Coop doesn’t mean equity, all of the time.

Colette:  Toronto Star article yesterday, went into a corporate bakery, found these issues

  • In Ontario, revisiting regulations on misclassification of workers

[Question]:  In Ontario, have to be incorporated as a coop, or can’t call coop.  75% of workers have to be full time.  Training camps.  Are labour unions creating labour organizers.

Frisia:  In Europe, four steps behind in organizing, don’t know what to do with platform workers

  • Now in Belgium can make 4000EUR every year from global sources, classified as temporary work
  • Better conditions for bikers
  • Now discussing with unions, they appreciate us, but haven’t proposed anything

Kristy:  In Sweden, got freelancers to join

  • Within another union, they asked existing workers who were platform workers
  • In Canada, have Canadian Freelancers Union under Unifor
  • May be classified as a cabal, rather than a collective bargaining unit

Trebor:  In Europe, close to full employment, can’t see shift to independent work

  • In Germany, a non-issue

Greig:  Workers Action Centre, worker’s central model

Colette:  workeractioncentre.com, but don’t have regulatory framework, yet

Kristy: Starting a coop is hard

  • What resources can we help them with?

Trebor:  IDLC, OCADU:  platform development kit

  • Legal templates to create a corp
  • Platform coop commons, want to build that, to allow people on the map
  • Can incubate a platform coop on the side
  • A project with initial funding

[Greig] Don’t forget about labour unions, basic income

  • Politics has to do with differentials of power and privilege

Frisia:  Do it yourself, but not alone

  • Michel Bauwens, Peer to Peer

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