2017/09/09 15:20 Frisia Donders, Cloe Waretini, Patrick Nangle, “Established Co-ops and Experimental Models”, Disrupting the Disruptors

Plenary Frisia Donders @chloewaretini @P_Nangle @CoopsCanada #platformcoop, platformcoop.ca/, Bram & Bluma Appel Salon, Toronto Public Library

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[Frisia Donders], SMart cooperative, EU

Frisia Donders, SMart cooperative, EU

Started with an accountant and an art lover, decided to help freelancers and artists with their paperwork

  • Artist with freelancers and artists could plug in and plug out when they needed
  • When they wanted to invoice, the platform would become their employer

Becoming an employee in Belgium means 5* health insurance, unemployment benefits, child loans, pension

Others were also interested in the platform

Instead of an individual entrepreneur, they started using the framework

  • Solidarity:  everyone has use the same, 6.7% of invoice to client
  • Had a straight economic model
  • 20% used platform and invoiced a lot
  • The rest could use the same type of services

Michel Bauwens will be in residence at SMart at the end of October

  • SMart as the missing link, into the benefits

No only offered services, started to propose coworking, legal advice, network opportunities

  • Partnerships is Spain, Hungary, Italy, France with other coops, exchanged know-how, mobility

Were nonprofit until 2016, when found organization was working for freelancers

  • Slasher:  one day artist, next day in bar, next day documentary maker
  • Autonomous workers, juggled activities
  • So then transformation to coop

Thinking and questioning stakeholders

  • Got recommendations
  • CEO wrote new plan, based on working groups

2017, started coop, so users became shareholders

  • Multistakeholder:  (a) freelancers, and (b) permanent workers and clients of freelancers
  • June, had vote for new board of directors, 18 elected

Next:  how to make sure that 13,000 shareholders speak up

  • Should be represented, know what we’re doing

Have 20,000 users on platform, 9 countries

Want right to social experimentation

  • Brussels startup Take It Easy, had people who came to help
  • Had agreement that every biker should be paid for 3 hours, get costs to repair bike, and cost of phone
  • Discussed minimum wage of 10 Euros per hour
  • Within legal standards
  • Could have discussion

Some were having problems getting loans, so have unlimited rights about when they want to work

[Cloe Waretini], Enspiral Network, NZ @enspiral

Cloe Waretini, Enspiral Network, NZ @enspiral

Enspiral is less of an organization than an ecosystem

  • There are videos online

Didn’t see a talk about the human parts that will make or break the coop

Don’t let culture eat your coop for breakfast:  photo of froot loops in milk

What is the wealth that coops create in the 21st century?

What stop Uber and AirBnB from making life better for everyone, rather than a small segment?

  • Culture

What is success at work?

  • Work harder?
  • Move fast and break things?
  • Success as getting ahead:  better territory, corner office, and then defend it
  • Individuals are a fractal of the whole

If not willing to play that game, then get dominated and coerced

  • People that get left behind

Why Groups Fail:  David Sloan Wilson

  • Toxic leaders … change in the institutional social environment

The humans we become at work

  • Coops were developed to address terrible working conditions, inequality
  • Need strong foundation in humanism, otherwise, they get eaten

An alternative, have been working on this at Enspiral for 6.5 years

  • Big challenges need a new way
  • Create an organizing system of work that is regenerative to the planet
  • Where cogeneration trumps individuals
  • People act in the interest of the whole
  • Conflict is an opportunity for creative solutions

Links to Ouishare, Bay Area

In 2010-2011, freelancers, mostly writing code, or designers

  • Can work by the hour and day, and then in spare time, can work on problems on bigger problems
  • Instead of being freelancers, became a business as a social enterprise

Values at Enspiral

Started with values:

  • Entrepreneurism
  • Collaboration
  • Autonony
  • Transparency
  • Diversity: started with 25% women, now over 50%, have worked with women in tech, indigenous, intergenerationally

Complexity grew, had tools and structures

  • 20 metros, 300 people, all have full decision-making rights
  • No bosses
  • Mutual trust
  • Gave them loomio, budget … but it didn’t translate into a collaborative model
  • In 2016, given task of figuring out why that was

What Makes Enspiral Work

Three things that made it work

  • Networked structure + processes
  • Digital technology
  • Collaborative culture

How does collaborative culture get created?

  • Noticed some principles that were different
  • Some practices done every day that weren’t showing up
  • Start every meeting with a check-in:  circle, talk about feelings
  • Every day start with vulnerability for breakfast:  half hour easing into day, mutual aid
  • Starting a meeting with checking agenda
  • Reflecting back understanding to make sure align
  • Decision-making:  instead of looking for things that are different, look for things that are in common
  • Metaconversation:  End every meeting talking about conversation, how did I show up as a human being?

Practice together in cooperative values

Systems literacy:

  • Understanding things aren’t linear
  • We have a mechanistic way of looking at things

Non-naive trust

  • Can’t know everyone, but assume that everyone wants to build you up

Flexibility and responsibility:

  • Enspiral changes every week
  • Be comfortable in dynamic reality

Collective intelligence through intersubjectivity

  • Everyone has perspective, let go of objective truth, come to a co-intelligent way of being

Surrendering control:

  • The group is smarter than you are

Deep empathy and ability to use emotions in service of what we are creating together

  • You can bring your feelings here

Naming and navigating power dynamics

  • There’s no such thing as a flat power structure
  • There’s always people with influence, can make clear, otherwise it become insidious

Dancing between autonomy and collaboration

  • Knowing own authority

Lifelong learning

  • Both as organization and individuals

Coops as a cultural platform

  • Donella Meadows:  material flows; distribution of power; mindset or paradigm that organization is arising from

Have written an article that shares all of this

  • Now in Montreal, in Toronto quite often
  • Cloe@enspiral

[Patrick Nangle], CEO of Modo Car Share, Vancouver (20 years) @modo_carcoop

Patrick Nangle, Modo Car Share, Vancouver, BC@modo_carcoop

Modo is Canada’s first and large car sharing coop, second in North America

Founded in 1997 with 2 cars and 16 member

Now 600 members, 19000 members

Member owned

Look for stakeholder participation

40 different makes and models of cars:  use the one you need

19 municipalities

Governance model:  consumer coop, owned by 19,000 members

Sharing in the truest sense

Precarious capital:  members give $500, they can get $500 back at any time

Coop can’t be sold, unalterable clause:  if dissolved, have to go to similar purpose or charity

Purpose before strategy, strategy before structure

Affordability is the biggest challenge, after housing

Strategic initiatives:

  • 1. Accelerating vehicle deployment, more cars onto street more quickly (capital issue)
  • 2. Lead in ZEVs
  • 3. Geographic expansion, almalgamated with Victoria, Nanaimo
  • 4. Carsharing adjacencies:  will announce in a few days, hybrid between car pooling and car sharing, in cooperation with Vancouver Translink for hard-to-serve work locations or time (e.g. night)

Platform:  Engage, online and app

  • Contact center
  • Build in house, on the side, license to coops and non-profits to others smaller
  • Also run elections through the platform

Celebrating 20 years



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