2017/10/19 15:00 Richard Sickinger, “Pattern Primer”, Purplsoc

Plenary @richsick #purplsoc Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change http://www.purplsoc.org/conference2017/

Mag. arch. Richard Sickinger, Danube University Krems – University for Continuing Education, Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture

Purplsoc Richard Sickinger

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What is a pattern?

  • A pattern can have a template
  • Can be geometric

3 attributes

1. A solution to a problem

  • 2. A way to do something, describes a need, an action
  • The core of a solution which can be applied in many different ways

Examples: in a farm in Austria

  • Dry milk can:  milk in the bottom stinks, so knock the can over
  • Properly cut tree:  cut the tree for uphill, so the sap can flow out

2.  A quality without a name

  • A quality of being in balance, free of inner contradictions, one with itself — whole
  • A quality of being in tune, fully intense, true to its own inner forces — alive
  • A quality of being original — free

Of Alexander 6, picked three:  whole, alive, free

3. A society which is alive and whole

  • Alive:  will not be able to become alive, unless they are made by all the people in society
  • Understanding:  By enabling simple access to key problems and answers
  • Participation:  By enabling an active implementation of the one best solution in many different ways
  • Identification:  By entitling people to actively build society through their work

Laying bricks, putting up a wall, or building a cathedral?

Whole:  like a seed, is a genetic system which gives our millions of small acts the power to form a whole

  • Supportive
  • Coherent:  each part enables and supports the whole

A Pattern is an entity with three dimensions

  • a universal solution
  • affirming whole

Grappling with destructive forces

  • Old patterns are losing validity and relevance
  • New patterns are needed and in demand

We need a new approach, pattern language approach of Christopher Alexander serves this

What is a pattern:

  • Solution, problem, context
  • What, how, why
  • Capra:  I definine meaning as the experience of context
  • Embedded in universal, reaches for quality, wants to support and enable the whole … in a network of pattern

Pattern 140

Example:  Business models, Tiina Gruber-Muecke, 55 patterns

The building blocks of societal change.




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