2018/10/16 11:50 Jeremy Swartz and Hajo Neis, “Pattern Recognition as Bridge Building across Disciplinary Boundaries”, PUARL Conference

Plenary by #JeremySwartz and @HajoNeis at @PUARLuo 2018 Conference.

Jeremy Swartz and Hajo Neis, PUARL 10th Anniversary Conference

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Jeremy Swartz is NSF/HHMI Scientific Teaching Fellow and Courtesy Research Associate in the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon.

Hajo Neis is Associate Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture and Environment at the University of Oregon.

5 weeks of conversation between Jeremy and Hajo

  • An experiment

John Schiff:  surrealism conference, 1942


  • Originally means WITH
  • … or in the midst of

Pattern (Bateson, rewritten by Rollo May)

  • my old friends
  • Being those pattern who I have met WITH before
  • And shall meet ago
  • … morphogenesis of forests

Pattern (Bar-Yam, 2011)

Pattern (Alexander, Neis)

  • Recurring or recursive problem to find a general solution that can be applied in many different ways

Found relationships with modes of inquiry, in 2016 dissertation Jeremy Swartz, Communication and Curation: Embodied Meaning and Praxis

  • Bob Craig, U. Colorado Boulder, Communication (Grounded Practical Theory): Mapping; Engaged Reflection; Transformative Practice
  • Political Economy:  History, Social Totality, Moral Philosophy and Praxis
  • Curation (Legacy Notion):  Provence, Scientific and empirical; Connoisseurship
  • Philosophical Pragmatism (with Mark Johnson, of Lakoff & Johnson)  Experience, Methodological Pluralism, Meliorism

Add …Architecture and Design:  Problem Statement, Discussion-Analysis; Solution, Suggested Action

From communications, dictum of Pattern as Message (McLuhan)

  • Medium is the message … personal and social consequences of any medium … result from the new scale
  • On page 1:  For the message of any medium or technical is the change of scale, or path ..

Luciano Floridi 2010, Information:  Pattern as Performative

  • Gene do not contain information like envelopes or emails …

Neil Postman:  A medium is a technology within which a culture grows

Swartz dissertation rethought idea of medium as curation (as care and repair)

Oregon Experiment is built on diagnosis, moves to treatment

Ronald Arnett and Annette Holba:  Pattern permits practices to become meaningfully apparent

McLuhan:  Pattern recognition

Patterns as possible future recovery or repair

  • Recovery as regenerative design (Neis, 2014), can’t use Alexander generative (in a world before bombs) to regenerative (now improving
  • Repair as curation, and meliorism, making things better (Swartz, 2016)
  • Steven Jackson, Media Technologies 2014:  repair

Dewey 1925:  Not mere ends, but ends-in-view

  • Regenerative design
  • Health and wholeness
  • Federated wiki

Mark Johnson, The Meaning of the Body: Aesthetics

  • We need a philosophy [of communication, architecture asthetics as not just about art, beauty and taste, but rather as about how human beings experience

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