2018/10/26 09:00 “Welcome”, PUARL Conference

Welcome to joint opening of 2018 @PUARLuo @PLoPcon #PURPLSOC day by @HajoNeis @kgb1001001 #WolfgangStark #RichardSickinger in Portland, Oregon

Kyle Brown, Hajo Neis, Richard Sickinger, at the PUARL 10th Anniversary Conference

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Introduction to World Cafe by #WolfgangStark to PUARL 10th Anniversary Conference, with some history on the PUARL-Purplsoc planning.

  • Wolfgang Stark is a visiting researcher at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship in Germany, and a member of the Program Committee for PUARL and PURPLSOC.
Wolfgang Stark, PUARL 10th Anniversay Conference

How can we expand the idea of pattern language?

  • Scattered

Small group met after Purplsoc Krems 2017

  • Met in Amsterdam
  • Proposed a large group open format
  • World Cafe for 1.5 hours

At Purplsoc, had 25 domains

  • Idea of social change, starting from pattern language
  • Encourage to expand

In a way, it’s the iceberg model

  • How to develop linkages to social sciences, social change, other area
  • Link the rational world with the implicit knowing and tacit knowing
  • Also transcendent knowledge, not yet here, in the future
  • What does the art tell us about the future of pattern language

Beginning theoretical frameworks

  • A Pattern Language, and Nature of Order
  • Actor Network Theory
  • General Systems Theory
  • Theories of Art
  • Grounded Theory
  • Theory U

Today: what is important about the pattern language approach?

  • What does it matter?
  • How can we incorporate into collaborative efforts

Will have a World Cafe, materials on table

World Cafe is rotating small group discussions

Tree Bressen organizing World Cafe, PUARL 10th Anniversary Conference

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