The evolution of service systems to service ecosystems | Brozović and Tregua 2022

“Rethinking Systems Thinking” (2013) is cited by #DaniloBrozović (U. Skövde), #MarcoTregua (U. Napoli Federico II):

The level of complexity in current service ecosystems is rising, not least due to technology (Barile et al., 2020), with the effect of such increased complexity of service ecosystems being perceived as ‘simple’. On the other hand, some systems researchers warned that systems’ increasing complexity may lead to their deterioration and that they should consequently be decomplexified and exchanged for other, loosely coupled structures (Ing, 2013). [p. 15]


  • Brozović, Danilo, and Marco Tregua. 2022. “The Evolution of Service Systems to Service Ecosystems: A Literature Review.” International Journal of Management Reviews, British Academy of Management, n/a ((early view)).
  • Ing, David. 2013. “Rethinking Systems Thinking: Learning and Coevolving with the World.” Systems Research and Behavioral Science 30 (5): 527–47.

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