2014/10/16 16:15 David Ing, “An Invitation to Service Systems Thinking: Collaborating on a New Generative Pattern Language”, #RSD3

First day presentation by @daviding at #RSD3 Relating Systems Thinking and Design 3, in Theories and Methods track, at AHO, Oslo, Norway, moderated by @redesign

Program is at http://systemic-design.net/rsd3-2014/program/

This presentation takes a risk by jumping over the background materials (Conversations for Orientation) to focus on Conversations for Possibilities.  Interested parties mystified by this content may want to look at the two 90-minute videos of “Incubating Service Systems Thinking” at http://coevolving.com/blogs/index.php/archive/incubating-service-systems-thinking/ .

Sketchnote on presentation by David Ing drawn by Danielle Olson at https://twitter.com/DROdesigner/status/522751044154310657 .

Sketchnote on presentation by David Ing, drawn by Danielle Olson

Sketchnote on presentation by David Ing, drawn by Patricia Kambitsch at https://twitter.com/playthink/status/523126303625850880 .


Presentation slides are available at http://coevolving.com/commons/201410-an-invitation-to-service-systems-thinking.

An Invitation to Service Systems Thinking

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Dissatisfaction with Aeroplan points on Air Canada codeshare

Codesharing @AirCanada flights may not give @Aeroplan points.  Dissatisfied that brand loyalty is not recognized.

First, an exchange on Twitter:

  1. @aeroplan Request from oniine mileage credit form won’t allow AC9091, then says LH848 coshare not eligible for points? I booked @AirCanada

  2. @daviding Hi David, some fares are not eligible for accumulation. Pls include a copy of ur boarding pass to aeroplan.documents@aeroplan.com

  3. @Aeroplan On 12/23 did “copy of ur boarding pass to aeroplan.documents@aeroplan.com”, got reply saying 60-day response for @AirCanada 9091

  4. @daviding Hi David, due to the high volume of requests for missing miles there can be slightly longer processing times.x

Then, e-mail:

 Question Reference #140201-000043
Category Level 1:  Elite 50K
Date Created:  02/01/2014 10:37 AM
Last Updated:  02/01/2014 10:37 AM
Status:  * Solved
Other Product: 
Aeroplan Number:  9…….2
Aeroplan Status:  Elite 50K
Phone (Day):  0
 Customer By Phone (Entered by Aeroplan) 02/01/2014 10:37 AM
Dear Aeroplan,

I’m responding to the Twitter thread:

I am Aeroplan 9.. … ..2 have appended (to the bottom of the note) a copy of the ticket from Air Canada that shows that I booked AC872 connecting to AC9091.

When I issued the boarding card from home (attached) that reads AC872 connecting to LH848.

Since I booked the flight on aircanada.com as an Air Canada flight, I believe that I should be entitled to points on the FRA-HEL leg. Air Canada sold me a ticket Toronto to Helsinki, not Toronto to Frankfurt!

I appreciate that the online system may not recognize AC9091, which suggests some reprogramming should be done.


 Response Via Email (Aeroplan) 02/01/2014 10:37 AM
Dear Mr. Ing:

Thank you for your email.

Further to review of the travel documents submitted, we must advise that your Lufthansa flights were booked under an ineligible booking class (L). As such, no Aeroplan miles can be awarded for these flights. For future reference, our airline partners and their respective accrual schemes are listed on our web site in the section Earn Miles/Our Partners/Travel/Flights:


Please note, effective for travel as of January 1, 2014, Lufthansa flights booked under class L will provide 50% of the mileage flown.

We trust this aspect of the program has been clarified and thank you for your understanding.


Claude Ringuette
Customer Service Agent – Aeroplan

Does this mean that I’ll get a better deal by booking Lufthansa flights than Air Canada codeshares?

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David L. Hawk comments on UN call for revolutionary thinking, at Linkedin

Heterarchy described by @davidlhawk on historical reference to Gunnar Hedlund, with organizational hierarchy as expensive leads to @daviding response on Timothy F.H. Allen’s elaboration of structure vs. elaboration of organization, and the concept of gain in ecology.  See lnkd.in/aAgmhx