Validated that @WebHostCanada online chat works at 2:30…

Validated that @WebHostCanada online chat works at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning when signing up for new account, having travelled from Toronto to Brussels. Wanted Black Friday special at 8:30 a.m. Brussels time, but fraud detection triggered by IP address. Online chat opened ticket, resolved via e-mail, everything now looks active.

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Technician Charles @Bell Support came to house after…

Technician Charles @Bell_Support came to house, after account change to Fibe 50/10 yesterday. Said couldn’t guarantee 50Mbps down with connection on second floor that we’ve had for 15 years. We agreed to pay $100 to drill hole in wall for new line from box outside house for ground floor outlet, plus powerline extender to second floor. Home Hub 1000 modem now reports 47Mbps down and 3.7Mbps up, so much faster than the 6Mbps down and 0.6Mbps we’ve had for the last year. Speed is now practically 18Mbps down and 3Mbps up, both via the powerline hardwire connection and on wifi,

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Phoned Chromecast support because reattaching Chromecast to Samsung…

Phoned Chromecast support because reattaching Chromecast to Samsung 720p HDMI input resulted in black screen with working audio, while setup on Toshiba 1080p HDMI worked fine. Support agent had me borrow power cable from another Chromecast device (I own 3 in this house), and setup worked this time. She said that software updates sometimes draw more power, otherwise it’s a mystery.

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Embarassed that friends flying to Canada on passports…

Embarassed that friends flying to Canada on passports from Finland and Australia would require eTA electronic Travel Authorization after leniency period ends November 9, 2016 .

This bureaucracy is the result of the “Perimeter security and economic competitiveness – action plan” signed by Prime Minister Harper and President Obama in 2011. Agreement between U.S. Homeland Security and Canada Border Services Agency shares biographic entry data, but not biometric information (i.e. fingerprints). .

Tried out the “Apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)” at , and got October 2016 response:

No eTA required


Based on your answers, for the purpose of your current travel, you do not need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to visit Canada.

However, make sure to carry proper travel documents and identification for yourself and any children travelling with you.
Application for an eTA

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Pre-Syllabus Intelligence Augmentation

A core curriculum provides an understanding of the building blocks of cognitive systems, and how each block functions algorithmically.

  • Science: What can be learned by studying the evolution and development of intelligence?
  • Design: Why is it so hard to build cognitive systems to augment the intelligence of people?
  • Business: What should executives and managers know about this rapidly advancing technology?
  • Societal Implications: What should everyone (citizens of the 21st century) know about the practical, political, and philosophical implications?

“Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Intelligence Augmentation, or Studying the Evolution of Cognitive Systems for Service Systems” | Jim Spohrer | Oct. 9, 2016 | Service Science at

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Corsair RMA

Installed replacement @corsair 8GB RAM into 2009 Apple MacBookPro5,5 mid-2009 A1278 MB990LL/A.  Bought CMSA8GX3M2A1066C7 8GB SODIMM  in Toronto in July, installed to upgrade from 2GB RAM but didn’t test fully until trying MacOS upgrade in September.  Had crashes in OS X Mavericks 10.9.3, original OS X 10.5.7 Leopard DVD, OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan, yet MemTest86 said RAM was fine.

Corsair guarantees SODIMM to work with Mac, so requested RMA online on Sept. 21, got immediate authorization.  Mailed RAM to California next day,  got notification on Sept. 30 that memory had shipped.  Hadn’t anticipated global supply chain, as package tracked on UPS from Taiwan to Anchorage to Louisville KY to Toronto.

Installed replacement SODIMM in MacBook Pro, system now seems stable.  Activity Monitor shows MacOS Sierra with Chrome running in 2.6 of 8.0 GB of RAM, so performance of the computer should be better with the upgrade.

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Some clarity on entailment in Robert Rosen’s thinking…

Some clarity on entailment in Robert Rosen’s thinking, from Judith Rosen in a quick chat:
> “Entails” can be a synonym for “could lead to”. Entailment and causality are linked concepts, the difference being that causality is “what does happen” and entailment refers to “what COULD happen”. Nothing can happen that isn’t entailed. That’s the bottom line. That’s the stuff of “miracle” and paradox and supernatural magic… If something is deemed to be impossible and it happens then the model that predicted it was impossible is at fault. Cuz obviously if it happens in the universe, it’s entailed by the universe and is not supernatural at all; it’s “natural”.

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